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How can we use the headset scientifically without harming the ear?

In the complicated city, with the headset to create their own living space, is a very pleasant way of life. Bus, subway, the street, any one person coming and going of the corner, at any time you can see wearing a variety of headphones to listen to music fashion men and women pass by. As everyone knows, in the full love of the music world at the same time, our ears are experiencing a severe "test." When the singer exhaled vocal cords when the trembling, when the plucked fingertips gently leave the strings when the astringent rub, a layer of waves rippling with the air whisper of the exchange, so that you experience an unprecedented move and intoxicated. Seemingly small headphones, but have an important impact on our physical and mental health. How can we use the headset scientifically without harming the ear?

"Earphone control" careful hearing damage

Everyone wants to perceive the beauty of the world and listen to the sounds of the song. Therefore, pay attention to hearing health, enjoy a happy life, starting from the prevention of hearing loss.

1. affect the hearing: a lot of people regardless of time, regardless of occasion to listen to the song with the headphones, although they have been a moment to enjoy, but to know the same time in the enjoyment of the industry in the impact of their own hearing. Long-term wearing a chance to cause poor blood circulation, tinnitus, inner ear hair cell necrosis and even listen to nerve damage, in particular, some people will open the volume of music to offset the outside world noise, it is worse practice.

2. induced "headphones disease": If a person for a long time regardless of the occasion, regardless of location to use the headphones to listen to music or radio, is likely to induce "headphones disease." "Headphones disease" is a person without a headset to live on the phenomenon.

3. To cause tinnitus: to know that a long time in the 90 decibel beats by dre on sale environment, the human hearing will be in a closed state, too low to lead to the sound directly to the tympanic membrane, the human auditory nerve will produce a huge stimulus, hearing Cell extreme fatigue, and even degenerative changes, causing tinnitus.

4. damage the heart and brain, resulting in dizziness, brain swelling, palpitations: stereo headphones produced by the noise, but also on the human heart and brain impact, resulting in dizziness, brain swelling, palpitations and so on.

5. suffering from autism: listen to the headphones are generally isolated from the outside world, reducing and people around the exchange, less words, so a long time, it is easy to produce autism.

6. Super dB to listen to music Ears damaged: Although the design of the headset is now almost have been using "open" headphones to reduce hearing damage, but in 90 dB noise more than 8 hours, 95 dB cheap beats by dre more than 4 hours, 100 dB over 2 hours, 110 dB as long as half an hour, the inner ear will be injured, especially the headset directly on the eardrum, more injury hearing.

7. movement to listen to music more casual body: the use of headphones to listen to music when the injury is greater than usual, because the rapid consumption of oxygen and nutrients to the blood flow to the movement, so that the inner ear more vulnerable to high-frequency sound (greater than 4000Hz) The sound is more damaging to the ear because the person is less sensitive to the high-frequency sound (that is, a lot of whisper). Listening to high-frequency music is easy to make the ears tired, when we can hear clearly, the volume is often very large.

Protect your ears from starting your picks

Headphones and health is not easy to make people linked to the vocabulary, because the headset, after all, is not a healthy product category. But they still have a close relationship. Headphones for many people, you can give people anytime, anywhere to enjoy the music, but also need to use for different products and pay attention to their own use of health.

Bluetooth headset: If the headset and health have the greatest relationship between, that is, Bluetooth headset products. Bluetooth headset in the use of the process, users do not need to close the body or the phone head, you can reduce the phone to bring the radiation problem.

Ear ear: ear ear, is concerned about the health of people most resistant to a class of products. In-ear products have excellent sound insulation. Sound insulation is a double-edged sword. Although it can bring a quieter listening environment, but too good sound insulation can not hear the sound of the surrounding environment, will bring a little danger. A long time wearing ear earphones will increase the number of bacteria in the ear canal into a geometric multiple.

Flat head earplugs: flat head type of non-ear ear plug ear compared to ear products will have to be much healthier, but also the most common type of earplugs. Sound effects, although not as good as the ear, but you can clearly hear the surrounding environment sound, easy to find some of the sudden situation around. Not deep into the ear canal to wear, so that the number of bacteria within the ear canal will not have much growth.

Headphones: headset headphones can be said that headphones products in a more healthy product. Similar to listen to the natural sound and speakers to wear, as long as not put too much volume, there will be no problem. Large headphones are also divided into closed and open. Closed too good sound insulation effect, there will be the same ear problems.

Correctly use the headset to grasp 4 points

1. Note the volume and use of time: the emergence of dizziness, tinnitus, ear plug, or wearing headphones every day more than 3-4 hours, are hearing loss of high-risk groups. Wearing a headset sound is best not to exceed the player's highest volume of 2/3, each time to listen to 30-40 minutes, it is necessary to let the ears get enough rest.

2. Headset headphones than headphones: for long-term wearing headphones, try to choose the headset. Ear headphones sound contact area is beats solo small, the greater the pressure inside the cochlea; headset head contact area is large, the pressure is small, the stimulation of cochlear cilia cells is relatively small, more secure. In addition, in addition to receiving the sound through the air conduction path, but also through the skull conduction. Especially when students are listening to practice, hear the headset can be worn on the skull, the same can hear the sound, but also reduce the stimulation of the cochlea.

3. The use of headphones environment is very important: in a quiet environment, the use of headphones on the ears of the least damage, and secondly before going to bed, listen to a moment can also reduce the damage, and in the noisy subway or car when using the headset on the ear Damage is the greatest.

4 to master the "60-60" hearing protection principles: noise and hearing impairment is a pair of brothers, usually greater than 60 dB sound (60 dB equivalent to the same time three people speak the sound is noisy, long time in more than 60 dB environment In the use of headphones when the volume is higher than 60 dB, coupled with the outside world noisy, people will beats earphones not consciously adjust the volume, the ears for a long time to contact the high decibel strong sound, resulting in hearing loss, Serious can cause tinnitus, and even sudden deafness. "60-60" is an internationally recognized headphone hearing protection principle, that is, the headset volume can not exceed the maximum volume of 60%, each time the use of headset time not more than 60 minutes.