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How about burning headphones

Normal volume, do not open too much, has been listening on the line, nothing special, of course, burning machine music burning machine software, you can burn a little faster, but I still feel that songs, pot when they can experience, And burning machine is a two of the role of each other, you praise headphones, headphones also burn you. What is burning machine? We do not say that mysterious, that is, car running-in period, that is, the warm-up of the athletes. Do not warm up on the sprint Bacheng to cramp, so this thing has its necessity but warm up too complicated, it is more nonsense. Even tedious burning machine tutorials may let you ignore some big problems. So, let us simple 1, the new headset can not withstand too much volume to stimulate 2, the new headset can not withstand very high frequency or very low frequency stimulation 3, burned the headset will run out of the sound, the sound to remove the burr, but that can be reborn - that is nonsense, is to sell fake so that you can not wait for a refund of the trick, do not commit silly letters they 4, as those who put the burning machine like practicing sunflower Collection as complex, it is trickery, is for fear Said he did not understand. If you are not a large volume of heavy taste people, you can do so, by the way the feelings of the headset changes the process, very pleasure.

If you are eager to rush a cool one, then wait two days, at least two days, spend forty-eight hours with your usual listening volume half of the burning machine, casually sing the song also worth mentioning the white noise worth mentioning. Do not mess from the Internet under the so-called burning machine music, and every seven or eight hours to let it rest for an hour. Or if you still feel complicated, I only say four words: do not deliberately as long as not deliberately, and the volume began to big it. Headphones that white or service, all about the theology of the headset system is nonsense Bale the headset is the essence of the headset can withstand the long range of cheap beats work, in order to achieve the effect of rapid aging film. To be a metaphor, it is the newly bought sports car to open thousands of kilometers in order to make the car in a variety of new mechanical parts as soon as possible in order to achieve the normal use of performance. So in terms of this aspect, as long as you are listening to music, that is, burning headphones, but is beats headphones cheap a slow type of "pot". If you like, you can believe that any burning machine skills, what stage, sub-volume, sub-signal content ... ... and so on. But these techniques are speculation, no basis, let alone confirmed. It has nothing to do with trouble beats headphones on sale and risk.