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HiFi headphones, from HiFi in the end how far?

Music, this is a kind of artistic aesthetics. Like photos, some of the scenery as long as faithful records can show the content, some photos can not just shoot just fine, and need a specific point of view, or beats by dre cheap even deliberately to distort to show the beauty. So, in the earphone sector, HiFi headphones can really and HiFi equate it?

Hi-Fi is the abbreviation of English High-Fidelity, literal translation for the "high fidelity", which is defined as: the original sound is highly similar to the playback sound. However, the field of HiFi headphones has always been no shortage of metaphysical topics, wire, shock, power supply, space, air pressure, etc., have been numerous headset enthusiasts pass marvelous.

According to the professional headset manufacturers to pursue technology CEO Mr. Kaohsiung said: a headset sound is not the external factors can determine the external factors, some materials and the use of a structure does not represent anything, excellent headphones acoustic design is modern Electroacoustics, materials science, ergonomics and sound aesthetics.

Therefore, the current pursuit of science and technology mystery from the headphones inside the sound unit starting to understand the next move, moving iron, ring iron, HiFi headphones and other differences, so that we will be more aware of what kind of headphones in the end, Will blindly follow the publicity of the business.

Moving headphones: Mature drive unit

Careful friends may find that the market now, the most common is the moving coil drive unit structure of the headset, cheap ten to buy three hands, and beats by dre sale expensive also have thousands, tens of thousands of range. To tell the truth, the difference is so big, the key is to use the material and the work of the manufacturers, and the internal moving coil voice principle from the essence, there is no difference.

In 1937, Germany Bayern power to create the world's first dynamic headphones, which can be described as a major milestone in the development of headphones. The moving coil earphone diaphragm is a very thin circular film, mostly made of polyester material, the surface coated with metal powder, the back of an electromagnetic coil connected, so that it is subject to electric field force vibration sound. Today, moving coil unit technology development is mature, the cost is relatively low.

HiFi headphones: HiFi on the endless

From the beats earphones moving circle, moving iron, iron headset point of view, in the end what cheap beats by dre kind of headphones to play the sound was hit HiFi level? So far, it is difficult to make the exact conclusion. Earphone industry professionals with a variety of instruments, through a variety of means to detect a variety of indicators to determine the degree of equipment HiFi, and headset enthusiasts are often through their own ears to determine whether the device to reach the eyes of HiFi.

However, we forget that good voice not only from the excellent headphone driver unit, but also with the transmission signal with the headset line. Therefore, Kaohsiung said, in order to make HiFi headphones really reach the level of HiFi, whether it is moving coil, moving iron, or ring iron, headset manufacturers need to headphone driver unit and headset line with the article to do with the above.

HiFi into the sea, from the accessories are passers-by. Although the pursuit of HiFi on the road, is simply endless. However, the pursuit of technology is trying to explore, to try. Now, the pursuit of headphones to avoid the shortcomings of the traditional moving coil headset, the introduction of a low resistance silver-plated headset line, brought a different gospel.