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Hi-Fi fever equipment a penny really like this?

Headphones enthusiasts in the circle of many people seem to believe in "penny goods," this sentence, it is not unawareable - aside from those who do pure design or cutting-edge technology manufacturers do not talk, whether it is speakers or Headphones, those who are considered Hi-Fi positioning of the product, certainly with the price to separate high and low stalls. In this way, it will be able to minimize consumer doubts. In general, those who focus on Hi-Fi positioning of those headset products, their manufacturers are very clear the needs of their beats by dr dre audience, so do not listen to the experience outside the place too much effort. So in a way, the price does represent the level of sound quality. This allows people to just compare the price, you can easily understand the quality of these products performance grade. But we have to know, Hi-Fi equipment is not only the headset only, amp, decoder and even wire, turntable there are many more high-end, mysterious things, together they constitute a huge metaphysical metaphysics. To these devices, many people think that the law of a penny is still useful. Is that really the case? Scientists seem to have got the conclusion - things are not that simple. The truth is like that

The American Society of Acoustics magazine recently published a research report: scientists through several means to measure a range of headphone products, the frequency response range, try to figure out the type of headset, price, frequency range between whether there is any association Sex. However, the results are: "The experimental results show that the product price and frequency response range, and any objective factors can be measured objectively." This result may make many people feel unacceptable, but the fact is that for many years Some people do similar experiments, and get similar results. The more expensive the fever equipment is not necessarily the better, this is not the first beats by dre sale time someone given such a conclusion. As early as 1994, the American Society of Audio Engineering researchers have published papers, said to want to experiment to determine whether people see a certain audio products or not, and their evaluation of the sound quality of these products are not directly linked. The end result is that the link does exist. The researchers concluded that this is the so-called "proof of prejudice" phenomenon. In other words, if we feel that something looks very high-end, or we know that this thing is expensive, then we will be the quality of its impression will be enhanced.

If the "one penny goods" this criterion in the Hi-Fi headphones where it is easy to use, after all, each manufacturer in the introduction of a set of headset product line will be deliberately make a significant difference in specifications to the price will be They are clearly differentiated. However, this sentence to other equipment, especially wire here, it may not necessarily apply. But one thing to note, that is, scientists still found some significant differences, such as in-ear headphones bass response than the ear headphones or earphones headphones better, while the earphones cheap beats by dr dre ear frequency accuracy is three Class headphones in the worst and so on. However, in any case, the price of audio equipment can not accurately reflect the quality to. Some rules still need to think about it, we can also understand the results of these studies. Put aside the headset itself does not talk, at least in essence, the decoder is the number of analog conversion, amp is amplified signal, and wire of course is the transmission of these signals. But these signals in the conversion, amplification and transmission process, completely lossless is just the ideal situation, the sound will change because of a variety of effects is inevitable. And this, a large part of the popularization of the metaphysics, as well as the choice of audio equipment difficult. So in many cases, the price is not directly linked to good or bad sound quality. Moreover, the sound is good is also a very subjective concept. If lucky, lug a suitable equipment, it would be beats by dre wireless better. If the sound is not satisfied, and then spend money does not necessarily solve the problem.