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Headset Shaoyou experience Summary: good headphones do not have to burn machine

Mobile phones and other intelligent mobile device rise, so that the headset has become a portable entertainment audio and video output terminal, whether it is watching movies, listening to music or video calls are inseparable from the headset support. And headphones sound quality will directly affect the user hearing feast, sound quality has become a lot of users in the purchase of headphones when the primary factor. Understand that many friends bought a favorite headset will have these doubts: I need to burn machine? "," How do I burn this headset, "" how to burn beats by dr dre better chance? "In fact, the discussion on whether the headset has been burning machine has not stopped, even the noise of the office of the small partners also have different views. Play audio, play headphones, can not avoid a word is" burning machine ", and The so-called burning machine in fact through the artificial means to accelerate the aging of the various parts of the headset running.When you search it will find that many enthusiasts have the effect of burning headphones very magical, quite metaphysics.In fact, the so-called burning machine Change, beats headphones in fact, is a psychological "burning machine" (Mental Burn-in), that is, the body gradually accepted the new headset audio features, not the sound has been significantly changed.For example, the light will be in the dark place Become more bright, the sound will be quiet in the quiet place, etc. In fact, burning machine metaphysics everything depends on our own human perception system of elastic standards. Another point of view, if the burning machine can really make the headset better performance, Why headset manufacturers do not pre-burn well, adjust the product to the best performance and then sell it?

However, there are some earphones and even earplugs, due to technical problems, there will be a big gap before and after the use of the problem, but more cases, the difference is only our personal "listen" out, rather than rely on objective measured , If not for the AB blind test, it means beats earbuds that we can easily enter a default state of mind. After many times their own double-blind experiment, sound special jun for burning machine useless argument is to hold most of the attitude of approval, good headphones do not need to burn machine. However, why burn machine metaphysics can spread so wide it? The main reason is that no business will stand out to give a decisive conclusion, but also the lack of a test headset industry standards.