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Headset industry chaos: metaphysical world, the letter has the most true

First, the truth of the headset

First of all, we have to understand that the headset is actually a technical indicator, can be an objective evaluation of the headset beats by dre on sale is simply energy conversion equipment, the current into a shock, the vibration of the sound from the technical point of view can be strictly measured In theory, the test sound signal, you can test the quality of the headphones out, and in no way worse.However, the headset this thing individual differences are relatively large, beats solo then a small vibration element is difficult to maintain a high degree of consistency, that is, Say a headset a voice, even with the same brand, with a model. General voice can be close, you want to accurately measure the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of headphones, not the ear can do.

As a result, headphones have a variety of metaphysics.

Evaluation of the headset said that the hype or black out, but also not from the Internet era only as early as the popularity of the Internet before the era of audio magazine, someone wrote a variety of soft text to promote headphones. Chinese enthusiasts used to not recognize hair burning headphones , It is a batch of magazine era writers, put a headset brand introduced to the Chinese audience, only the headset industry fever consumption.Today these money or extort money headphones KOL, then I am afraid that is still a child. They do today, in fact, their uncle in more than a decade ago have done.

Moreover, the earplugs and speakers are not the same, the earplugs are stuffed in the ear, the ear cane is actually part of the sound, the headset's individual sound quality difference than the speaker larger, speaker individual differences is just a different hearing problems, and beats headphones on sale headphones in addition to hearing , The age of different, each person's ear canal is different. Personal subjective evaluation, reference significance is lower, therefore, for earphone products, only their own ear receipt is the most meaningful, you hear the sound is unique of.

Second, the user how to choose headphones

Open the headset to see, in fact, the cost is very low. Simple sound part, dozens enough enough, and then up is added value. Sound simple, good sound is not simple, technical indicators to be done, Most people feel good, this is a test of the skill of the manufacturers, so the R & D part also have to calculate the cost.

Other accessories, what Need for wire, leather cover, exquisite boxes, etc. These additional things and moon cake box is almost, is to make you feel good value for money. User pick headphones, to understand what they pick, There are a lot of sites have measured indicators of headphones, although the individual differences, but finally a reference standard, this type of headset to adapt to the music type is relatively wide, quality is also guaranteed.If it is to listen to their own Like the sound, then with their favorite type of music to listen to, because the type of music, headset style and the user's ears together, out of the sound is personalized.

You like the appeal of the violin, then you can pick some treble good, resolution is better, more overtones, but this type of headphones, listening to ordinary pop songs may feel noisy.

You want to listen to bass, then you can go to the low frequency under the deep, the amount of the low frequency is a big advantage of the headset, because the speaker to do a lot of low frequency, high cost, and headphones much cheaper.

Some of the earphones will highlight the high and low frequency, but there are depression in the frequency, this headphones to listen to human voice is very painful, like the human voice but can find good IF, Naiting, both ends of the extension is not so far headset products.

In summary, with your favorite music, to audition is king, do not believe too much of the so-called evaluation, because the headset personal factors too much. Do not just look at the price, headset industry is pit, not necessarily expensive headphones There must be a better voice, suitable for your ears, suitable for your style headphones really not expensive

Third, blind to break the metaphysics

The ability to distinguish the human ear is very low, the psychological factors on the headset great impact, a penny of the psychological and do not want to prove that he is the fungus of the psychological, often let people on the expensive, beautifully packaged headphones to high And the manufacturers will also be bored. Set a very high price, spend money rally, the cost of packaging to do more than the headset is higher than normal.While pick the headset is blind, that is, you are familiar with the song, a few headphones to switch back and forth , To find their favorite one. Perhaps opened his eyes to see, 100 you were selected, 10000 was you when the garbage thrown, it does not matter, it shows that 100 is suitable for your ears and your favorite music type, not You do not know the goods or fungus, but the headset is like this.

Saying that the author actually got this cusp of low-cost ring headphones, the first manufacturers of the background and the problem aside on the author's ears, this headphones to hear the violin is also good. Other types of music to It is also the price is also justified, really Buzhi Yu black out of this network to sell beats headphones the headset, the author's proposal is to try to provide free trial. Trial version of the deposit, the delivery of samples to listen to listen, listen to buy genuine, Listen to the manufacturers to pay a courier. Excessive expensive expensive, in the vicinity to find a line under the audition point, casually what mobile phone shop can not provide a trial point it?

And the network of war of words, the headset manufacturers and users are not much of a sense of the product to do the product carefully, publicity no matter how good, always be punctured, the recommendation to do the recommendation, Give objective advice, for your fans responsible for the user, the choice of trusted brand, try to listen to their own, and ultimately with the ears of receipt it.