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Headset ergonomic knowledge

Natural things will go through a relatively long evolutionary process, when the external conditions change, things themselves will be followed by adaptive changes. Earring products in its technology and quality is no essential difference in the time, people on the appearance and comfort of the demand has become cheap beats the major manufacturers of the difference and the value of the pursuit. Now, ergonomic design has become an important issue in the design of earplugs. Early earplugs did not take into account the issue of human comfort, design more angular, seriously affect the comfort of wearing, so many friends beats by dre studio are disdain for the earplugs. The addition of beats by dre studio sponge to improve this situation, in the ear plugs into the sponge sets, can effectively beats by dre sale solve the edges and ears of the damage, but also enhance the low-frequency performance of earplugs.

With the improvement of the process, in addition to sponge, ear ear with the ear contact surface shape design and material are quietly changing. In the material, the more use of non-slip plastic and rubber, anti-skid plastic can make the ear with a better fit between the headset, and rubber soft features, in addition to more comfortable but also to further prevent the sound of the exposed, to better listen effect. Water-based design of the official launch, so that the design of the front ear cover has been substantial, and because of the comfort and sealing than the traditional round front cover is better, whether Japanese or European and American products are used many times, SONY More of this design applied to its top 8 series earplugs, earplugs into the history of the most brilliant of a classic.