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Headset "environment model" into the trend, bone conduction headphones coming to the upper

Whether it is the main "quiet listening" noise-canceling headphones, or the main movement of the "sports headphones", this year are invariably playing the "clear listening to the environment sound" concept, and even the concept as a major selling point. This shows that headset manufacturers began to really understand and understand the user's real needs: even in listening to music at the same time, can not block the intake of environmental sound.

The future, so that the human ear to hear the sound of the outside world will gradually tend to eliminate the headphones, but the traditional headphones, whether it is ear or ear type, for the user's demand, most can only be "curve to save the country": through the complex circuit To simulate the external sound of the environment, both to increase power consumption, the effect is only unsatisfactory. Only to make the outside world sound really without obstruction to enter the human beats by dre sale ear, is the real solution. So, whether from the conduction principle, wear patterns, or listening experience, the use of bone conduction headphones is the ultimate solution, bone conduction headphones is really change the rules of the game products.

From the beginning of the play beats headphones on sale is "open the ears to listen to the world" concept. As the bone conduction headphones through the human body head temporal bone vibration transmission of sound signals, so wear without the headset into the ear canal, or cover the ears, it will not block the ears of the external sound of the pick. cheap beats headphones Moreover, the advantages of bone conduction headphones is not limited to this, it is also beneficial in the protection of hearing. Especially for long listening occasions, such as outdoor sports, marathon competitions and riding, bone conduction headphones will not let people produce a long time to listen to the ear after the fatigue, not to worry about sweat into the ear canal produced by the acid Swelling and pain.

As more and more headphones start to join "outdoor mode" or "environmental model", the spring of bone conduction headphones has just begun. And bone conduction headphones may be from beats by dre on sale the current most popular sports market began to gradually upper, we may wish to wait and see.