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Headphones to buy what?

Headphones, seems to have become a modern life in the essential goods. Whether it is office, subway or bus, can see all kinds of headphones. Headphones are roughly divided into ear, earbud, ear beats headphones hanging, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones. Among them, the ear is divided into moving coil, moving iron and emerging ring-style, and other types of headphones are mainly moving coil, a small amount of static. Moving headphones are the most common and most common headphones, and its drive unit is basically a small moving coil, driven by the diaphragm in the permanent magnetic field connected to the diaphragm vibration. In the permanent magnetic field coil connected with the diaphragm, the coil driven by the signal current driven diaphragm sound, moving coil headset efficiency is relatively high, mostly for the audio on the headphone output drive, and reliable and durable. Most of the headphones is not a frequency design, it is actually a full-band speaker, you need to be responsible for a very wide frequency response, this is not an easy thing. To achieve a single diaphragm full-band sound, diaphragm need to be very thin and very light and have a certain strength. Moving coil used in the diaphragm is very thin PVC material (there are metal or composite plating metal such as titanium diaphragm, as well as carbon fiber, wood fiber and liquid crystal materials, but higher prices), the thickness of the thinnest to reach a few Micron, in order to enhance the diaphragm strength, the diaphragm is generally suppressed by strengthening the pattern, which can improve the high-frequency response, and the vibration of the partition to produce a certain degree of containment.

And permanent magnetic field generated by the magnet, so the requirements are both light, and can not damage the performance, so NdFeB became the preferred magnet material, it has a very high magnetic density, up to 7-14 times the ferrite, an ordinary headset Of the NdFeB magnets, cheap beats headphones can easily absorb the weight of dozens of times the object. Inside the moving iron earbud, the voice coil is wound around a precision iron piece located in the center of the permanent magnetic field called "balanced armature". This piece of iron in the magnetic force under the action of diaphragm sound. The moving coil is a direct drive of the diaphragm, and the movable iron is transmitted through a structure of a precision connecting rod to the center of a micro-diaphragm, resulting in vibration and sound. Unit position, the traditional dynamic ring earplugs can not put the entire pronunciation unit into the ear, and moving iron because the unit is much smaller, so you can easily into the ear canal. This approach effectively reduces the area of ??the ear portion that can be placed in the deeper ear canal portion. Because the geometry of the ear canal is much simpler than the auricle, it is a kind of circular, so a soft silicone sleeve has a good soundproof and leakproof effect compared to traditional earplugs. Electrostatic headphones are light and thin diaphragm, polarized by high DC voltage, the energy required for polarization by the AC conversion, but also battery-powered. The diaphragm is suspended in an electrostatic field formed by two fixed metal plates (stator). When the audio signal is loaded on the stator, the electrostatic field changes and vibrates the diaphragm. The single stator can also drive the diaphragm, but the double stator's push-pull form is less distorted. The electrostatic headset must use a special amplifier to convert the audio signal into a voltage signal of several hundred volts, and the transformer can be connected to the output of the power amplifier. Electrostatic headphones are expensive, not easy to drive, can reach the sound pressure level and no moving coil headphones, but it's fast response, to reproduce a variety of small details, very low distortion.

In general, the dynamic response of the moving headphones is relatively wide, that white can hear a wide range of sounds, but the corresponding, it is a lot of dealing with the details of the poor. In contrast to moving rings, the response range of moving iron is small and the details are more. For their characteristics, ring headphones came into being, using their own characteristics, so that they play their respective strengths, respectively, the management of different frequencies in the audio. If you want to upgrade another solution is to increase their number of moving or moving iron, in charge of different frequency segments. The number of units more, and coordination has become difficult, so the combination of each unit between the coordination solution is the major manufacturers to overcome the problem.

This value generally represents the lowest impedance value in the ideal state when the maximum power is reached in the approved frequency range, since the margin should not be higher than 20% of the minimum impedance value. This set of definitions and related test methods, with moving headphones as a reference. Electrostatic headphones, moving iron headphone impedance curve will change with the frequency, test and definition beats by dre on sale methods may be different. beats by dre From the existing product point of view, may take 1kHz or a certain frequency impedance as the rated impedance.