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Headphones misunderstanding

One of the misunderstandings: use a large volume when burning headphones

Some people think that the new headset need to use a large volume of the pot, so that the headset can quickly and well into the normal working condition, while the head also saves time.

This practice is actually a headset used to make a taboo, because under normal circumstances, the new headphones diaphragm just too strong, large volume of the pot will make the frequency of vibration beyond the new diaphragm bearing capacity, resulting in vibration Membrane damage. In the pot when you should use a moderate volume, use a period of time can be free to debug.

Misunderstanding two: listening to the headset when the beats by dre wireless volume is too large

Long time to listen to the music of the human hearing will have a very negative impact, and gradually will cause a serious decline in hearing, to bring long damage to the ear, a long time the volume will make people too much excitement, Causing physical and mental beats by dre on sale fatigue, mental fatigue. And the impact of large volume on the headset diaphragm is also very cheap beats large, long time to use a large volume, will cause distortion of the sound, and even cause diaphragm damage. So, when listening to music to choose a moderate volume, neither too small, affect the beauty of music, nor too much, hurt their ears. Moderate volume will also extend the life of the headset, is beats by dr dre one of the best maintenance methods.