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Headphones family looked over, how your hearing was stolen

Bus, subway platform, with handsome young handsome guy, beauty everywhere. Bustling city of this scene you must have been commonplace, but you can know, a small headset hidden in the hearing of our hearing the "little devil" Oh before the official topic, the first science under how we hear the sound of. Some people say that this is not nonsense? Long ears of course, people can hear the sound ah. This is not necessarily, Beethoven's ears look and we are no different, but unfortunately he was almost no sound in his later years. We often say that the ears generally only refers to the ear (head on both sides of the small fan), it plays a beats solo very low role in hearing, like a receiver. Auricle depth of the external auditory canal, the depths of the external auditory canal in the middle ear, inner ear and other complex structure, they are listening to the main control room.

We can normally hear the sound there are three necessary conditions:

Sound source not far from the ear;

External auditory canal, middle ear, inner ear working properly;

The area where the brain analyzes the sound is working properly.

Listening to a bit complicated, we take now popular micro-voice voice chat function to be an analogy - you say is the sound source; phone shell is auricle, the microphone is like your middle ear, inner ear and other complex structures for receiving Sound source; mobile phone audio beats by dre studio chip is your brain's auditory center, you can analyze the sound source. If your cell phone microphone or audio chip is out of trouble, even if the phone shell and then dazzling wood is also a half hair with ah.

Of course, our ears are sophisticated, complex degree of rejection of all mobile phone chip 800 street, but the degree of leather but only Oh. We must keep good, bad no place to change. Noise cover under high volume in killing auditory cells

In the noisy environment, in order to suppress the noise of the environment, you need to adjust the volume of the headset is very high, and this time the high volume because not so quiet when so harsh, often so that we forget the territory. But this volume will hurt our inner ear nerve cells.

We often joke that doing something too much trouble, how many brain cells to die, this thing on the ears may not be a joke, to a certain degree of high volume really will kill the ears of the auditory cells! This is already in the mouse who clearly confirmed

Auditory cells can not regenerate, die one less one

Some people will say, you do not flicker, and I listen to the headset every day did not feel the ears out of trouble ah. This is because our auditory cheap beats by dr dre cells have a certain number (probably a million to come, but it is not renewable resources, sacrifice a less one), beats earbuds you wear a headset on the bus to listen to a circle of rock and roll effort, up to lose a two hearing Cells, every day so engage in a few years later to the normal work of the auditory cells can be left to the number of hard to say.

Remember the principle of 60-60-60, can effectively protect the hearing

Of course, the nature of comrades headphones or kind, as long as we do not dig his dark side, he will only bring me to enjoy. Use to remember a principle: 60-60-60, you usually wear headphones to listen to music, the volume does not exceed the maximum volume of 60%; continuous listening time of not more than 60 minutes; the sound is best not more than 60 dB

Like love eyes to love our ears, the oldest old ears in addition to natural beauty, the day after tomorrow maintenance is also essential, hope that everyone can have a pair of old "smart" ears.