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Headphones, sound quality and price

If the traditional beats solo values ??to measure the price of headphones, sound quality in many people's awareness of the absolute weight. Although this is an outdated concept: the results of both investigative and experimental studies point out that most people are more concerned (or more should be concerned about) other features of the headset, such as comfort and functionality - but the sound quality is still a comment Headphones are an unavoidable important concept. Compared to low-priced headphones, high-priced headphones in the low frequency of the smaller. This may be because the high headphones headphones and head, ear fit better, there may be high headphones at the beginning of the design invariably choose a more consistent acoustic design goals. In addition, in-ear headphones have more low frequencies than beats by dre sale other headphones. Earphones and earphones have a frequency response that is closer to the ideal target curve than a headphones.

Strictly speaking, the above "law" only in the test beats earphones when used in the simulation head and artificial ear set up. The difference in human organism makes the One-fits-all solution only in the real situation only the overall optimal, rather than the individual's best choice. Looking for the process of solution, but it is still in the human can not achieve a fully customized sound equipment or transformation of the case of the necessary scientific path. The above research and experiment, is to walk in this way; get the results, but also build today we understand and discuss the basis. You may ask, can this information be able to "what to buy headphones" this issue to give guidance? I would say: buy headphones and buy shoes, expensive, not necessarily good quality, cheap may not be poor quality, but not fit your own through only know. Sometimes, have to learn not to evaluate other people's shoes, because you really do not understand.