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Headphone damage hearing The right way to use headphones

An out-and-out headset enthusiasts, but in the right way to listen to the headset, in fact, just when the fever was a lot of senior guidance, so feel the protection of their ears is still good.

However, in fact, the headset is not a patent for enthusiasts, for modern people, headphones or earplugs can be said to have become essential equipment, games, entertainment, mobile phones and many applications are closely used, and even that we are beats earbuds Can not do without him, but there is a problem can not be ignored, that is, headphones on the hearing damage, this argument is really false? The Mars fish for this issue is not Putian Department, by not , so the main scientific explanation.

First of all, we have to understand the structure of the ear has heard the principle of what is the sound. What is the structure of the ear first? In fact, the other parts of the ear, like the other, there is a special sensory equipment, cheap beats by dr dre and the ear beats earbuds which is responsible for listening to the "sensor", that is, inside the cochlea cilia cells. We were able to hear the sound because the "receptors" were stimulated and the cilia was shaking with the sound. With the sensitive cilia of the vibration, through the nerve reached the brain, we can feel the voice of friends.

However, although the name of the cilia looks very strong, is a hair, but in your imagination is completely different, very fragile and sensitive. Once the sound of the decibel is too large, cilia will swing too much and beyond their own sensing limits, and thus the damage of cilia cells, which is the root cause of hearing loss. For example, in daily life, hear the big blasting sound, long beats earbuds time to stay in karaoke OK room after a brief "deafness" is the reason. Although the headphones are not clearly aware of hearing changes, but the damage is gradual, and often overlooked. Excessive stimulation of cochlear cilia can lead to decreased sensitivity, long this will also damage hearing. The most critical point is that the cochlea inside the cilia cells, is a can be regarded as non-renewable cells, that is to damage the damage, the loss of hearing can not be restored, that is, hearing damage is an irreversible process.