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Head wear ear favorite selection of popular fashion headphones

In addition cheap beats by dre to the budget, the biggest factor affecting consumers to buy headphones should be about how to wear headphones. Although the current headset product variety, the choice of products are more and more, but consumers in the choice of time may be more confused, is the choice of headset or ear headphones? I am afraid that many people will have hesitant In fact, headphones and earphones have their own characteristics, wearing a headset to wear relatively easy, and because the speaker unit size is relatively large, so easier to get Full of natural sound. The advantages of in-ear style beats by dr dre earphone is a high degree of portability, while excellent sound insulation also allows the listener to get a more quiet listening experience. For the distinctive products, consumers should be based on their actual use of the environment to choose, these two types of headphones and no absolute merits of the points

Elegant Scandinavian design style highlights the minimalist philosophy, while in the ergonomic aspects of the compromise is not soft, soft protein ear cream soft and comfortable, the first part of the beam also has a thick filler, to meet the user a long time comfortable wearing requirements. Full of simple, avant-garde science and technology elements. The main body of the headset is made of aluminum alloy and engineering plastic, while ensuring the light at the same time, but also very good to enhance the overall texture. In the choice of the unit, this headset uses a "moving iron + moving circle" unit structure design, moving iron unit is responsible for high frequency, moving coil unit is responsible for low frequency. To ensure the ability to describe the sound, it is high sensitivity, transient performance is good, can make high frequency more extended, more highlights the dynamic music beats headphones cheap and instantaneous details. Fully enclosed design can effectively isolate the external environment noise, creating a quiet and comfortable listening small environment. Headphones in particular to strengthen the details of the frequency and volume, play pop voice has a very natural and true sense of hearing. Low frequency rich sense of energy, suitable for listening to all types of pop songs.

The shell is a metal wire drawing process. The improved beats solo cable has a more stable performance and tensile strength, the surface material to do a smooth wear-resistant treatment to reduce the noise transmission. Headset with adjustable length and can be rotated angle of the metal head beam design, ear soft and comfortable. Foldable design is more convenient for users to travel. Vocal cue accurate, the distance is moderate, more warm, but the control of the teeth or slightly worse. SPHEAR low-frequency performance is very good, texture and feel good, dive deep, full of flexibility, surrounded by a very good feeling, the overall clean, do not drag the water.