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Excellent sound quality experience classic wireless audio evaluation

For the preferences of different audio enthusiasts, each sound suitable for the crowd are not the same, but in the overall direction, or consistent, such as sound quality, appearance, etc., today we come to see worthy of our One of the sound quality of the speaker is essential for the song, a good speaker can restore more real and natural music, sound details of the performance is also more abundant, so that users can enjoy more pleasant music. If you like to listen to music, if you like sports, then I believe you will be interested in wireless speakers. It is no exaggeration to say that the current wireless speaker can be said to become a young man particularly favored products, can add a lot of fun for your life. Built-in Bluetooth chip, with any one with a Bluetooth-enabled electronic equipment wireless connection, the effective transmission distance of 10 meters, listening to music more convenient. In addition, this sound also supports mobile phone APP control, the user can control beats by dre sale the sound through the exclusive APP software, very convenient. Sound quality, this section of the low frequency of sound, high-frequency clear and transparent, tri-band balanced full, both as a lamp, but also as a sound use. The handmade wooden box follows the Acoustic Engine classic design, in order to reduce unnecessary distortion and resonance, using a very thick resin-bonded MDF as a box material and strengthening the internal support. Fill the interior with a high-intensity sound absorbing material to reduce unwanted sound reflection. The edge of the box is rounded to reduce the sound diffraction caused by the treble in the front panel. In order to eliminate the crosstalk, the box inside the use of both sides of the sub-box independent of each other complex design, both sides of the box before the respective inverted hole has been a separate debugging.

Has a unique circuit design and a precision beats earbuds tuned external antenna to extend the effective coverage of the signal. The filament tweeter is outstanding in high power and advanced design. Kevlar woofer beats solo with non-woven glass aramid composite material, and rubber banding, when the speaker unit in the high-power operation, the bass can still fidelity.