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Everyone please do not burn machine

Burning machine is a fast aging equipment and stability measures, many headset enthusiasts that can burn machine can make the performance of the headset is more stable, better sound quality, but the article from WIRED said that this practice is not necessary.

The reason why the burning machine can spread so long, the impact is so wide, largely because there is no quantitative evidence that it is useless (or useful), the major headset manufacturers are not willing to risk the risk of this comment, after all, Burning machine practice will not have a great impact on their sales, more than one thing less.

For the consumer is far from no effect.Now the network spread of a good burning machine method takes about 40 to 400 hours, during which also need to switch songs on time. Burning machine enthusiasts use the "song" A wide range of Tsai's song is a lot of burning machine album must be selected, and not only the traditional meaning of the song, the higher end of beats solo the burning machine program also includes pure ringtones, white noise, and even sine wave scan ... ... frankly, any mechanical products in The use of a period of time will change, but whether these changes are favorable is another thing.Many enthusiasts pointed out that the phenomenon and details in most people seem to be like "supernatural phenomenon", burning machine claims related to Psychology, applied science, marketing, and eternal and subjective "sound quality" problem. All this together to make burning machine problem is particularly complex.

Another point of view, if the burning machine can really make the headset better performance, why headset manufacturers do not pre-burn well, adjust the product to the best performance and then sell it?

It seems cheap beats that a variety of tests are more inclined to show that burning machine can not bring headset performance improvement, while burning machine will not cause cheap beats any damage to the headset, it is a very personal choice, the letter is the spirit, do not believe it is not working, but If you spend a lot of time and energy on this activity, it is not necessary to lose weight is enough to make a headache, buy a headset to listen to music do not have to toss it.