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Does the headset not damage the hearing? wrong!

In modern life, the streets, the subway, the library, and even the office, everywhere people wearing headphones to listen to songs, it seems to have become a new way of life.

"Earphone control" are reveling in the music one after another, some people in order to put more Hey, will deliberately turn the volume to the maximum. But this will undoubtedly cause serious harm to hearing.

How did the ear work when I heard the music?

The human ear is a complex and compact organ, and its main role includes detecting and amplifying the sound, and the inner ear also helps the body to maintain balance.

The specific working principle is that the sound waves through the ear canal and reach the tympanic membrane to make it vibrate. Then the tympanic membrane is transmitted to the middle ear of the three to listen to the small bone (bone, anvil, stapes), they are responsible for the vibration amplification and then continue to pass to the cochlea.

The cochlea is a hollow structure containing a liquid pipe with a large amount of liquid filled with a basement membrane. The magnified vibrations from the middle ear cause the liquid to ripple and ripple, and further into the nerve impulses, and then pass the auditory nerve all the way through the impulse until the brain's hearing center, we can hear the sound.

Any of the above process failure, our hearing will be weak, or even deaf.

Listen to the music volume is too large, why will damage hearing?

The age of the increase and gradually aging or apoptosis, the brain can not receive the "sound signal", naturally also can not hear any sound. So deafness, "ear" phenomenon among the elderly is very common.

Strong noise or excessive volume can also cause serious damage to this cell, and once it is apoptotic, it can not be regenerated.

The National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders noted that a 75 dB or less sound would not cause any damage to hearing. And long-term exposure to 85 dB or more noise, it may make the hearing gradually worse, or even disappear.

Headset, really able to protect the hearing?

Do not know from when, in the music enthusiasts generally popular "ear earphones ear hurt, headset head care" argument.

However, from the above sound decibels and hearing damage in the relationship, we found that when the sound source more than 75 decibels, will cause damage to the hearing, and whether to listen with the headset, and what style headphones to listen to nothing.

Therefore, compared with the ear headphones, headphones may be very cool, may be relatively unlikely to cause infection within the ear, but the volume is too large will cause damage to the hearing.

The presence of these conditions may indicate that hearing has fallen

If you have not yet entered the ripe old age, but there are the following symptoms, may indicate that hearing has been damaged, need to be corrected in time:

Speak must raise the volume, otherwise they can not hear;

TV, radio and other volume transferred to the maximum only to hear, others quarrel and their unaware;

Can not and their distance half a meter away from the normal exchange of people;

After leaving the noisy environment, the sound suddenly becomes blurred;

Other symptoms include tinnitus and earache.

Noise damage, how to prevent? The best way is of course away from the high decibel noise 75 dB hearing is what kind of it? We usually talk cheap beats by dre about the normal voice is about 60 dB or so, the peak traffic flow when the road when the road volume is about 85 dB, the New Year's firecrackers, shooting range of gunshots, as well as the concert in the volume of rock and roll can reach 110-115 decibel.

If you have to contact, it is recommended to wear noise reduction earplugs, on this point, some good quality in-ear headphones (of course not to put music) may have a certain noise reduction effect. Also remind the child, watching TV, playing the Ipad volume should be kept at a safe level, can not be transferred too large.