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Do not wear beats by dr dre headphones while running

Under normal circumstances, the sound after a distance to reach the ear, the middle of the high-frequency part of the sound has been absorbed by the air. If you wear a headset, the microphone is pressed on the ear, so the ear absorbs all beats by dre the frequency of sound waves, great damage to the hearing. Wearing cheap beats by dre headphones produce noise that will affect the microcirculation of the inner ear membrane cells, resulting in microcirculation disorders, running will increase the microcirculation and affect the hearing. When the surrounding environment is noisy, people use the headphones will not consciously increase the volume, it will be more damage to hearing.

People beats by dre wireless in the use of headphones, the headset into the ears will produce a certain friction, running beats headphones cheap friction cheap beats headphones will increase, the external auditory canal skin beats by dre studio is very tender, especially easy to scratch, if you wear unsuitable earplugs ear can cause scratches or scratches, bacteria will Took the opportunity to invade, causing external auditory canal inflammation, ear boil swollen, resulting in ear pain beats by dre cheap and swelling.

In our brains, different brain nerves are responsible for the excitement and inhibition of various organs. Running the muscle function of beats headphones the nerve beats earbuds center in the excited state, can effectively mobilize heart and lung function. If you run while listening to headphones, will make the mind of the nerve center of mind can not rest. At the beats headphones on sale same time due to the proliferation of excitement, but also in charge of the movement of the nerve beats earphones beats by dre on sale center is inhibited, affecting the exercise effect. beats by dre beats solo In addition, running songs will cheap beats affect the runners running rhythm, in the rhythm of the sudden changes in the time, cheap beats by dr dre runners of beats by dre sale the frequency and amplitude will change, the original steady state will change, the body energy consumption will increase or shrink, And arbitrarily change the rhythm is running taboo, will also affect the exercise effect.