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Do not just give your baby a headset

Headphones, as the name suggests, for our adults, in particular, some of the students we basically go with the headphones, because we want to listen to music, from the music to find inspiration, from music to find happiness, but some of our parents wrong Think our children wear headphones is also possible, imagine, our children are growing up, for the headset can be said to be new things, but this way the child's hearing will have a certain impact, the following experts listen to our explanation The

According to the Canadian pediatrician tips, do not give children under the age of 9, especially infants wearing headphones to listen to stereo. This is because the infants and young children's hearing organs are in the developmental stage, the organ arrangement is still very weak, if the infants to bring stereo headphones to listen to music, sound pressure directly to the thin tympanic membrane affect the hearing organs, so abnormal excitement , Long-term use of the formation of simple auditory fatigue, harm the auditory organs.

When the infants and young children to appreciate the stereo, the volume must be smaller, let the baby listen for a while to rest for a moment; and absolutely can not give the child wearing a headset to listen to music, do not be kind to do bad things. To know that more than 90 dB of the volume will be on beats by dre studio the ear nerve formation does not reverse the hearing damage!

In addition, after two hours cheap beats by dr dre of wearing the ear caused by hearing damage, not to recover. It is recommended not to let the children do not listen to songs in the noisy environment, in the same kind of environment, the auditory nerve on the outside of the incoming sound of the decibel demand is not the same. Although you are listening to songs in a noisy environment and in a quiet environment, the experience of the small volume of songs is the same, but the former damage to the eardrum greater, because the degree of tolerance to their own noise has not changed.

Preschool children go to the cinema, KTV, bar

Life to consciously take the child to avoid noise pollution, in particular, do not ignore the noise of entertainment noise, it is best not to bring preschool children to the cinema, KTV, bars and other entertainment, not to let them directly use headphones. Once again, parents choose toys for their children, must be carefully selected, do not let the noise toys damage the baby did not develop a complete hearing organs. Listen to music, try to choose a quiet environment, although wearing a headset can filter to the surrounding noise to a large extent, but the direct damage to the ear is also the largest!