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Did you sleep well last night and could detect your sleep quality headphones

You are still worried about the night can not sleep? Are still worried about their poor quality of sleep? If you can have a way to detect their own sleep quality headphones like. Want to track their own night sleep, and soon you only need a pair of headphones can, no need to go to use smart wristbands, sleep applications, special bedside lights, or other grotesque equipment. Recently, a group of researchers developed a built-in microphone headset, as long as the insertion of smart phones, can be used to track the wearer's breathing patterns, and detection of sleep disorders. Researchers at the Stevens Institute of Technology and the Florida State University tracked the breathing habits of six participants in a six-month study. Participants do not need to wear this pair of headphones while sleeping, even if the headset is placed on the bed, and its internal microphone can be monitored.

Monitoring of breathing patterns can help beats headphones identify sleep-related health problems, such as sleep apnea, which can not be done by other types of sleep monitoring techniques. The cost of this technology is also very low, especially if this headset beats headphones on sale to have a set of applications, is expected to be launched next year to improve the program, do not beats by dr dre know is not suitable for everyone is. For those who already have built-in microphone headset users.