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Correct the wrong view of the five optional speakers

Wrong point of view 1: speaker big, big box on the cattle B!

Woofer loudspeaker, box the most intuitive sense of the advantage is: to promote the larger the volume, the lower the volume will be stronger. But these are the basic theory, the speaker sound quality is the result of a whole chain, including circuit design, the use of capacitance, cattle, box design, etc. are very knowledgeable, or give you a large unit and box, look cool So that there is no power to promote is no good If JS to box to ask for high prices, at least in the field of multimedia, this set we determined not to eat. Because we do not need to install beats earphones B speakers.

Wrong view 2: wooden speakers must be good!

Or you are in the subconscious that the wooden speakers must be excellent, when the choice into the electronic market, there beats by dr dre will always be enthusiastic businessmen to recommend you, a certain brand of speakers to do what the wood, the quality of how excellent, how good sound quality and many more. But we IT168 anti- hotline to remind you is: buy speakers is not to buy furniture, if it is to buy furniture, good wood furniture can be used as a measure of whether the quality of the product is an important standard, because good wood material means strong, Durable and even highlight the owner's taste.

But for the purchase of speakers for wood is wood, it can not be a measure of the standard, of course, can not be denied, wooden speakers have better resistance to resonance performance, the speaker can withstand greater power, the volume is not restricted, etc. , But the wood is not a panacea, because the original board has a resonant quality, the speaker works when the wood itself will produce sound, affecting the sound quality of the speaker performance, so that the speaker is a good speaker is not good.

Error view 3: high price is equal to high quality

Before discussing this issue, we must first understand a little basic knowledge of the computer, the sound quality is a sensory thing, each person has a different appreciation of the point of view, so every master of the tuning also have their own understanding, the key lies in the tone Out of the sound quality is your favorite sound quality, if not you like, no matter how good the material also take on So the price and sound quality is not necessarily proportional, not that you pay a double price, there will be double the quality of enjoyment. Do not affect your judgment on price.

Wrong point 4: hear too much is not necessarily good!

Now we are all in the promotion of the most original voice, but just a lot of manufacturers for commercial interests (to consumers feel a very shocking sense) artificially changed voice, but this situation will generally lead to speaker sound beats by dre on sale control errors, direct The result is the speaker intolerable. For example, if a speaker after that change, if cheap beats by dr dre you hear your subwoofer in 20Hz on the sound - please do not be happy! This is precisely that your subwoofer is not good, in the low frequency resonant overtones designed The staff did not take any measures to correct. This is actually a typical low-frequency control of the poor!

Wrong view 5: good brand is good quality

Brand is one of the focus of consumer attention, the original product should be through a solid quality to win the hearts of consumers, but in the era of speculation flying, the brand does not necessarily represent the quality. Many well-known brands are also unsuccessful in the market products, on the contrary some well-known brands have a successful representative works. Unless you buy a speaker is not to listen to, but to install B, it can directly select the most well-known brands.