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Choose the seven ways to travel headphones

Most people beats headphones for the impression of beats by dre the headset, only to stay in the use of iPod / iPhone that kind of simple earbud headphones, had to say earbud headset design, is easy to use in the general busy commute time, you can travel while watching the surrounding Environment, do not worry about the traffic on the road, and even in the office, do not have to worry about hearing colleagues, the shout of the officer, but if it is used in travel, this function is not enough, the following is a few of our travel headset Pick a few suggestions.

First, easy to carry

Travel is light, high mobility, if with a large bag, the packet out of the case, in fact, very inconvenient, in order to achieve the purpose of streamlining, even travel headset also need to carefully selected, so usually we will not take a large Size earphone headphones go out. However, in order to allow travelers to enjoy high-quality music at any time, most of the headset manufacturers, and therefore the introduction of folding beats by dre on sale headphones, easy to use when you can not quickly, and do not take up luggage space.

Second, can wear for a long time

Compared to the usual use, travel when wearing headphones more comfort, whether you are to the cold Nordic countries, or to the end of the year like the summer of Southeast Asia, good travel headphones will not bring your ears Oppression, hot feeling, and even the effect of warmth.

Generally able to wear long-lasting headphones, put aside the individual head of the different factors, the structure of the headset and contact with the bones of the material design, the proportion of the decision is quite high. If the ear-style headphones, with a good permeability of the cortex liner for the first choice. As for those who use the ear of the ear (In-Ear) headphones, most of the choice of silicone material earplugs, to avoid causing allergies or skin infections and other conditions.

Of course, even if the design of the earphone no matter how good, or to avoid continuous use for a long time to prevent hearing loss.

Third, eliminate the background noise

In the use of headphones in the interior space, and the biggest difference in the outdoors, it is the difference in the size of the background noise interference. The traditional anti-noise method for direct forced ears only accept music, do not let the binaural contact with other external noise, but this way, in the continuous use of the situation, easily lead to hearing damage, if it is walking in the street, It is likely to be due to hear the horn sound or human voice and dangerous situation occurred.

Although the electronic anti-noise headphones first appeared in the military, but now has been widely used to personal listening, as well as air traffic and other applications.

When you use electronic anti-noise headphones to listen to music, or as usual can feel the sound of the environment, but unpleasant low-frequency noise, it was the headset electronic anti-noise equipment filter, so we can still listen to clear, Complete sound performance.

Fourth, with the use of the corresponding machine

Regular travel people must be on the machine watching movies, listening to music and other activities of the time is no stranger to wear, but the general aircraft flight provided on the headset, and we use the iPod / iPhone headset socket slightly different from the single plug The design to double plug, this time, if your headset does not provide such a headset conversion head attachment, you have to obediently spend money to buy, or else have to endure the airline with the low sound quality headphones. If you listen to music on the machine, watching movies attaches great importance to the performance of the sound, when you buy travel headphones can be equipped with a dedicated adapter accessories are included in the consideration.

Five, low impedance, easy to push

Impedance of the high end, and the dynamic performance of the headset has a great relationship, but why the general user is most likely to ignore the marked value. Travel generally use the music player, usually the iPod / iPhone and other portable devices, thrust and battery life, natural than computer or other desktop type of playback equipment, so the higher impedance of the headset, although there are high load dynamic Ability, but not suitable for use with these portable devices. In the purchase of travel headphones, you can impedance 32 锟斤拷 as a reference value, the smaller the easier the drive, more than 60 锟斤拷 headphones to try to stay at home or office and other general occasions. Low-impedance headphones are not only easier to drive, but also more power efficient for playback devices. If you can not identify this pair of headphones in the end resistance is how much? You can listen to the store, to see if the volume should be opened to more than 2/3 or more, in order to hear the music content, it may represent the deputy headphones high resistance.

Six, to provide storage protection bag

Travel headphones as the name suggests, is to carry the use of headphones, so the headset is very important. Whether the headphones (headphones), ear canal headphones (In-Ear), when not in use beats headphones should have a suitable storage location, if at home and office and other fixed use of the place, you can put a good headphones, The location of the habit can be, but the travel headset may often be in the journey will be placed in the backpack of the opportunity, if the baggage with other carry the contents of the collision, easy to damage, so travel headphones will need to have a exclusive Of the protective bag, or even a hard protective box, so not only can extend the service life, but also to maintain the appearance of the state.

Seven, suitable for personal sound

In addition to the additional features, the headset is the most important sound performance. As a result of each manufacturer's design and planning product attributes are different in the performance of the tone will be different, and some strong sense of rhythm, low frequency, and some take the sound quality of the resolution line, and some emphasis on balance, sound warm, Each of the different, single from the text of the description of the goods can only know a little, so, directly to listen to is the first choice for a personal sound of the best way to headphones, it is recommended in the selection with personal habits to listen to music and often Use the portable device, as the selection criteria, otherwise, when you take home from the store, it is possible to buy goods that feel great difference before and after.