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Bluetooth headset optional tips

Even if there are still many people think that wearing a Bluetooth headset is a bad fashion, but when you want to hands-free answer to a mobile phone when it is a necessary choice. Many of the current Bluetooth headset style novel and simple. When you buy a Bluetooth headset, this has some tips: 1. Sound quality: the first to buy a Bluetooth headset to ensure that the answer and reply to the sound quality is clear, followed by the appearance and other features. 2. Comfort: comfort is very important. Bluetooth headphones must be comfortable to wear, especially when you need to wear a few hours a day or when driving it, it is more important. Some people like to have a headset with a Bluetooth headset to beats solo keep wearing a stable, while someone likes earphones without earphones to make the ears more relaxed. You have to consider headphones with different sizes ear gels or ear buds. Some vendors are also required to provide additional ear buds at the customer's request.

3. Features: Today's Bluetooth headset can not only answer the phone, some high-end Bluetooth headset has more features. Some of the Bluetooth headset contains a multi-point technology, allowing users to connect two mobile phones at the same time, the user can achieve seamless conversion between the two mobile phones. For those who have two mobile phone users is very practical. If you do not choose the music headset, you can buy A2DP stereo Bluetooth headset. Not only all stereo headphones support this technology, but some monaural headphones also support the technology

4. Design: Although the appearance is not as important as the above mentioned factors, but sometimes beautiful design is also very attractive.

5. Price: The last thing to mention is the price factor. Bluetooth headset has a different price. Users can buy high-priced high-end Bluetooth headset, of course, can also choose to buy cheap products.