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Basic information about the Bluetooth headset

First, the use of Bluetooth headset is not only depends on the headset

The use of Bluetooth headphones is not only dependent on the headset, but also depends on the distance it transmits, which is not related to the version of the Bluetooth headset itself, but on the Bluetooth technology PowerClass. Now most beats by dre studio of the mobile phone and mobile devices are used by the PowerClass2, this standard transmission distance is about 10 meters, but the upgrade of the PowerClass1 is the transmission distance is raised to 100 beats solo meters. These two versions are in fact support A2DP stereo transmission protocol, and can be interconnected with the stereo headset. In general, if the phone and the Bluetooth headset distance is not too far, and there is no big obstacle in the middle, even within 7 meters, their transmission quality is also very good. But if more than 8 meters away, then there will be breakpoints, when more than 10 meters, the Bluetooth device will lose connection between.

In the actual use of the process, the distance between the phone and the Bluetooth headset and call noise is proportional. Also in the use of stereo Bluetooth headset to enjoy music, do not beats headphones on sale leave the phone too far, otherwise it will be prone to intermittent phenomenon. In addition to functional considerations, the appearance of Bluetooth headset and wear comfort is also the consumer must pay attention to the one hand.

Second, on the Bluetooth headset specifications, mainly reflected in the two schools of the dispute

In the purchase of Bluetooth headset, and now on the market, many brands of mobile phones and headphones, which is the most troubled consumer problems, in addition to the mobile phone and Bluetooth headset compatibility issues. Special Bluetooth headset manufacturers pointed out that the Bluetooth headset in the manufacture of specifications, mainly HandfreeProfile (HFP) and HeadsetPro-file (HSP) the two major factions. HandfreeProfile refers to the function with a hands-free, HeadsetPro-file is on behalf of the headset function, so this consumer must first study their own mobile phone to support what kind of Bluetooth beats by dre headset, and then go to find their own Bluetooth headset for pairing and use.

In fact, HFP format Bluetooth headset support mobile phone function is relatively complete, consumers can operate on the headset on the phone set a good redial, call retention, call rejection and other hands-free features. Such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and other major manufacturers launched almost all Bluetooth headset to support HFP format-based, but also a small part of the model is to support both HFP and HSP specifications, so you are in Bluetooth Headphones must be given special attention when purchasing.