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Balance the price and sound consumption level HiFi headphones large collecting

Many of my friends think that HiFi headphones will be better, in fact not the case. For non-headset enthusiasts, to pursue more expensive brand flagship and not much significance. Especially some of the ears of the voice is not sensitive to friends, the voice of the gap may not be so obvious, so many people buy expensive headphones have expressed great regret, after all, high-end HiFi headphones prices are not Cheap. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, which for the HiFi headset also set up. If there is no matching front-end listening equipment blessing, then no matter how good the headset can not play the potential. Coupled with the headset brand in the tuning have a relatively large difference, to find their favorite voice style headset brand is also very important. So, just contact HiFi headphones friends may wish to start from the consumer products, these products are beats earbuds usually on the front-end equipment requirements are not high, relatively easy to drive, but also to maintain the brand product tuning style, more importantly, the price Compare the people. If you have used these headphones after the has been met, there is no need to go to increase the money.

Can eliminate the accumulation of pressure behind the drive, so that the sound film can be completely free to move, greatly enhance the sound quality of the permeability and make the expansion of the high frequency more fluid, to achieve authentic sound. Each loudspeaker driver has been carefully selected, carefully tuned and rigorously tested, and then matched to create the finest natural sound. 50mm high efficiency neodymium magnet can provide extraordinary HiFi sound ergonomic design of breathable ear pads, able to disperse the pressure and weight, even if the long wear will not feel oppressed, easy to enjoy music. Comfortable double-layer headband pad, so that when the user wearing the head will not have any discomfort, and effectively secure the wear. Well designed earmuffs to fit the natural angle of the ear, providing precise sound, creating a dynamic and true listening experience. Steel headband to improve the strength and durability of the headset, even in the strenuous exercise also do not have to worry about headphones are damaged. 3 meters long cable to ensure the convenience of daily use, and can be replaced according to actual needs of other cables.

The use of closed design, and the use of telescopic adjustment structure, with adjustable angle of the unit, wearing a tightly after beats by dre sale the ear, not only comfortable but also brought a good closing effect. Headset with stainless steel shell, the surface of the wire drawing treatment, and ES7 production process in one fell swoop, but in the local processing more fine. Music to adapt to a wide range. It's trivial almost can not find any obvious short board, while maintaining the low frequency of the quality and quantity while also retaining beats by dr dre enough high frequency detail. With a variety of colors to choose from, and with more pairs of brother sets.