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An article teaches you to choose your own headphones!

How to choose the headphones, this is a very profound knowledge.

Because everyone likes to listen to different types of music, such as lazy sweet female poison, sympathetic bursting of the ACG, solemn classical, or the burning of the rock and so on, almost every music type has a corresponding good headphones The

Second, the use of headphones in different scenarios will be different, such as frequent travel needs in the aircraft, high-speed rail on a lot of time to spend a lot of time business elite will want a noise reduction artifact to help rest, and sports up to beats earbuds people prefer Bluetooth waterproof Headphones, this use of the different ways also led to the headset of the election.

First to introduce noise reduction headphones.

Noise headphones can be regarded as the current headphones in the "efficacy" of the most prominent type, because the sound quality beats headphones on sale of the headset there are "fungus" can not tell, and noise reduction headset wear, the whole world are clean. Noise reduction headphones are divided into active and passive two categories, active noise reduction function is generated through the noise beats headphones reduction system with the outside noise equal to the reverse sound waves, the noise and in order to achieve the effect of noise reduction, it can be said that active noise reduction Can be regarded as true noise reduction. Very typical moving headphones, sound warm and thick, low frequency is not the previous Shure headset as dive so deep, but very strong, can be described as punches to the meat. All in all, like to listen to the frequency of male voice, this is the price of a good choice.