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Achieving the best pickup results can achieve these effects

Video conferencing, there is a big echo phenomenon, often cheap beats by dre people caught by surprise, but to solve the echo to a good understanding and understanding of it, we generally talk about the echo, there are two main situations:

Dial the intercom equipment, in addition to hear each other's voice, but also to hear their own voice.

When the cheap beats intercom device is turned on, the party can only hear his own voice, but can not hear each other's voice; the other party can not hear any sound. Based on these two common faults, Ai Li Te Xiaobian to help you answer:

How does the echo in the video conference eliminate the cause analysis?

First understand whether the video conference is hardware or software products. If it is software, under normal circumstances the software will do their own echo suppression. If it is hardware, debugging equipment, the current video conference echo problems, there will be. The general situation is two voice input, causing such a problem. Look at the decor of the conference room. If you are excluded, then your video conference hardware is a problem. In addition to hear each other's voice, but also to hear their own voice, beats headphones on sale this echo is mainly due to the failure of the microphone or the use of headphones contact is not good lead; one can only hear their own voice, and can not hear each other Of the sound; the other party can not hear any sound, this echo is mainly due to relay loop caused by monitoring and user tracking and other methods to locate and solve.

How does the echo in a video conference eliminate an effective solution

Conference television network once there is a venue echo, it is likely to cause the whole network has echo. So in the debugging must be in the main venue one by one with the sub-venue debugging voice, to determine which venue caused by the echo. In the process of debugging the conference television system, the discovery and elimination of echo is a problem that needs to be solved by the system purchaser. In the video conference, when the sound of the venue to the other side of the venue after the venue, into the other side of the microphone, through the mixer, video conferencing systems and other audio equipment, and then back to the venue, resulting in the venue to hear their own delay Of the sound, this sound is called the videoconference in the video conference. At this time the echo is characterized by: echo and their own voice compared to the obvious delay; echo generally speak less than their voice; for the air through the echo, due to energy consumption, the echo is certainly better than the sound source sound To be small; the size of the echo and the size of the sound source, the way of transmission and the surrounding environment.

Echo cancellation, that is, through the analysis of the echo path, estimate its characteristic parameters, use the eigenvector of the echo path to construct the simulated echo channel, simulate the echo generation process, and obtain the inverse echo sum of the simulated echo signal and the received signal Receive echo in the signal. Echo beats headphones suppression refers to the ability to eliminate echo in the voice channel; echo cancellation and echo suppression applications; generally for video conferencing systems products, will use some echo cancellation mechanism, or use advanced adaptive algorithm to adjust the parameters of intelligent to ensure that the venue of the most Good sound effect. The MS-720 uses the back-pole electret condenser head, the microphone has high sensitivity, low noise, strong directivity and anti-whistle function, realize the local loudspeaker no whistle, geese Neck part of the soft and hard tube can be flexible with the combination; all-metal material, high-end air grade; three core card jack joints, 48V phantom power supply, balanced differential audio signal transmission, anti-jamming performance. Pushbutton switch settings, integrated power indicator at any time to view the status