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About health knowledge with headphones

A scientific study in the UK shows that wearing a headphones for a long time can lead to deafness 30 years ahead of time. Headphones on the human body has long been well known, but with a variety of Tablet PC, MP4, music phone popularity, we have been accustomed to the use of headphones. So how can the harm of the headset to a minimum?

Headphones are usually divided into a headset, ear hanging and ear type of three types, which is the smallest ear damage is wearing a head. Compared to the ear-style, ear-hanging, headset, although there is no small and portable advantages, but there is a good sound, the most important, because no need to wear ear, so almost no damage to the ear canal, In contrast, ear hanging, ear style, although the sound realistic, but will make the eardrum in beats by dre the long-term high shock damage. Often used in ear earplugs, but also become a breeding ground for bacteria, easy to make the external auditory canal skin stratum corneum swelling, blocking hair follicles, resulting in long-term chronic hyperemia, to stimulate the excessive secretion of cerumen glands, so that more and more thirst, the formation of embolism There tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness and other symptoms.

In order to avoid the headset to the human body to bring the damage, wear Note: Do not open the headset volume too large, listen to music with a headset or foreign language should pay attention to control the volume, it is best to keep in 40-60 dB (general conversation or slightly Small, to feel comfortable and pleasant is appropriate; do not listen for a long time, adults use headphones every day no more than 3-4 hours, and intermittent listening is appropriate, the best half an hour to let the ears rest for a while; should pay attention to keep earplugs In the bus, the subway, the noisy streets and other noisy environment, it is best not to wear headphones to listen to music, call, ride, drive beats solo wearing headphones easy to distract, more Do not wear headphones. In addition, the selection beats headphones of headphones, you should select the sound quality is good, small noise, the volume can be freely flexible control, and once the sound is too large, etc. can be adjusted in time to protect the hearing.