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A Preliminary Study on the Shock Film of Wireless Earphone

We know that the production of wireless headphones, the core component of the diaphragm is part of it is a very critical component. Because of its special requirements, the current domestic market is not meet the quality requirements of the film. So, this is the bottleneck of our wireless headset production. Deep ear canal wireless headset on the high quality beats earphones requirements of the diaphragm. Wireless headset sound principle is driven by a large enough electromagnetic induction, by the voice coil to shake the air and produce sound, and because of its faster speed of vibration, so the air on the whole vibration system damping is relatively speaking very big. As the wireless headset vibration range is not large, need to try to control the vibration range in the linear region of the elastic film, so the impact of the shock film on the impact of headphones will not be too much. Moreover, the ear diaphragm is very light weight, relatively from the weight, the shock film movement of the voice coil will be much heavier than the shock film (should be a few times or even hundreds of times the weight gap). So the impact of headphones vibration, mainly voice beats by dre coil and magnet. For the following reasons: the voice coil is the largest part of the weight of the whole vibration, or even the weight of the diaphragm can be ignored;

Voice coil copper wire material should be able to affect the percentage of the conduction rate and permeability, and can affect the different frequencies below the conduction rate and permeability;

Shale above 20% -40% of the area attached to a layer of dedicated glue for the fixed voice coil and diaphragm edge

We see the 205 cheap beats by dre part of the blue is not sapphire coating, but the role of the glue glue ... ... Interested friends can use the days of water to dissolve those glue out. This layer of glue is estimated to affect the elasticity of the entire diaphragm and the weight of about 30%.

In the experiment, by replacing some of the earpiece's voice coil and the diaphragm (mainly 105,205 and 305), it was found that replacing the voice coil with the sound would result in a greater change than the replacement of the diaphragm; Rare earth) can also have a certain impact on the sound. Now the company's rare earth coil also has a different design, and for the overall appearance of the size of only about 5mm coil itself, the gap of a few millimeters enough to change the force of the whole part of the relationship. At present, basically all of the deep ear canal wireless headset production of the core components - shock film are dependent on imports, coupled with its special production process requirements, therefore, wireless headset in the scale beats by dre on sale of production by a great constraint, which is led to Wireless headset in the market is often the key to out of stock.