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"Burning machine" before, it is better to learn "burning ears"

Burning machine, or not burning machine, this is really a big question. "This problem, not only people are very tangled, and this is still a very wide coverage of the problem.After all, the monthly number of over 10,000 headphones enthusiasts will tangled the problem, one year may also not buy one or two 400,500 The audio of the headset will also be tangled of this problem.Moreover, everyone's views on the burning machine are not the same, it's "puzzled" is also a variety of: audio equipment enthusiasts that burn machine is a must Audio equipment must go through hundreds of hours of exercise in order to get a better voice; equipment life theory that burn machine is not necessary! Unnecessary burning machine is just a waste of equipment to declare the process, so that headphones naturally "listen to open "Like;

At present, the most powerful is the two factions. At the same time, they are the word, which also makes the white are very tangled: If I just buy a pair of entry, or those who are very cheap headphones, it also need to burn? Burn really will have the effect? Can we hear it? Xiao Bian will be a series of tangled into two questions, to do a detailed answer for you: in the end do not burn machine? Burning machine important or burn the ear (to the ears do point to listen to the sense of training) important?

Burning machine is not "metaphysical" under the necessities, but it is not to change the "slag listen to the sense of" magic, first of all to be sure, burning machine this live, in the end is not necessary. Burning machine, mainly to the headset of the mechanical system of a rapid aging process, but also the mechanical structure of the "run-in", "warm-up" process. Burning machine this work, with the most simple way to understand, that is, the user "do not listen" under the premise that it has a goal, a directional self-play. Through a variety of stages of the sound to the front (mainly the player), amp, headphones, speakers and other products for a series of running-in movement, through these movements to mechanical "aging" to a stable state, The main purpose of the.

From this point of view, if the user just started to require this product to achieve a stable level, then there is a directional, the purpose of the burning machine must be necessary, it is not questioned. Because all the machines need this run-in process. Whether it is burning machine after the effect is more obvious dynamic headphones, their own nature is more stable moving iron headphones, as well as some ordinary users do not care about products such as players, amp and other products within the capacitor, etc., which require a certain amount of time For the appropriate run-in movement. These products after a point of "burning machine" training, the sound is still a certain change, and ultimately the user's sense of hearing will bring little impact. Headphones "burning machine", the most obvious change or moving headphones. In the production process has not yet reached the "superb" in the past, the headset in the assembly will have some volatile residual glue residue, and the sound unit, diaphragm in the early use of these can not reach the level of multiple playback , Just beginning to use or there will be some "compact" feeling. Although the manufacturers before the factory will do some debugging, but this debugging can not let the headset to reach the most stable level.

In addition, due to the occurrence of the principle, the difference between the sound unit, moving iron headphones will be relatively stable, burning machine effect may not be so obvious. But after a long period of use, the sound of moving iron headphones or there will be some changes in the trend of stability, as long as you can listen to carefully. This is not like some of the article said, moving iron headphones will not change. Even low-cost headphones, after burning machine will change. For some audio users of the problem: "cheap entry headphones in the end do not burn machine?" So, for this tangled users can not worry, you can press a specific burning machine plan to burn machine. Of course, usually ordinary use can be considered burning machine process, so this is not good at the user, you can also choose "natural listen to open" approach. Just, some of the headphones in the beginning of the performance of some "cramped", the sound can not be completely open. In addition, the beginning of the use of headphones can not use long volume to do a long time to play, so choose this time to start listening to the user will be a little patience. Burn machine just let "good" become "better", can not "slag" become "better". Finally, one thing to emphasize is that burning machine, just let the equipment show that it should have the level of training, it is not to change the slag headset, slag quality panacea.

Headphones, front-end products such as burning machine after the run-in, the sound will happen some minor changes, hear it is the level. However, it is not possible to change the 19 basic elements of the product's sound, nor to show it beyond the performance of other prices. This point, all the beginners should remember. Whether it is to adapt to headphones, or enhance the ability to burn ears are more important than burning machine. For "improve" listen to this thing, the burning machine can be considered an important part. It allows audio products to reach a stable level, showing its true strength, is a means of improvement and promotion. However, if the listener does not have the relevant perception, he can not understand the changes in the sound quality, then how to use some high-end headphones, select some high-end brand beats headphones cheap audio products, is also a waste. Therefore, compared to burning this small thing, "burning ears" is actually more important. Burning ears, in fact, refers to the ear to do some targeted special training. This training allows the listener to repeatedly listen to the same pair of headphones or the same audio combination, so that your ears quickly adapt to a certain or a set of audio products. In addition, this training can also allow the listener to contact multiple headphones or multiple audio combinations to enhance the listener's voice recognition and appreciation analysis.

So, for those who desire to adapt to the same combination of users, or is eager to enhance their ability to identify the beginning of the players, the ear is more important than burning machine. Although the training of ear-ear is important for both users, but for different users of the target, "pot" recipe is not the same. In response to this problem, summed up the two sets of different ways for your reference: quickly adapt to the headset users: pick your "commuter equipment", listen to like. This demand is relatively simple, ears do not need to accept too many complex training. It should be said that the focus of training is not listening to the headset, but in the election of this level of headphones. Users who have this need to buy headphones or player products need more attention. After all, the choice is long-term use, long-term accompanying commuter tools, if the user can not pass the text evaluation, language statement to confirm the sound characteristics, it must be determined by the actual product performance. To the store or by the product to audition, from the perception to determine the headset or player in the end is not suitable for their own, go buy is correct.

After all, burning machine or burning ears can not change the characteristics of the sound, it is impossible for you to adapt to the original do not like the sound, so the beginning of the purchase becomes particularly important. After the election, then listen to it After the first pot can listen to, skip the burn machine to get started can also listen. In the process of listening to you, the headset is doing the running of the burning machine, the user's ear is also adapted to this pair of headphones. After a certain period of time, the user will be able to fully realize the "burning ear" this process. However, the burning machine is not completely change the quality of slag quality panacea, it does not change the essence of the product sound. If you think this is naturally able to listen to open, then, do not have to force this process. In contrast, the ear of the burning machine will appear even more important. It is a let you quickly adapt to the audio product method, but also for you to enhance the audio appreciation of the necessary training means. If you want to dig out the "audio" of the pit, then "burn the ear" will be a step you have to step on.