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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • Reasonable use of audio processor to make sound effects to a higher level!

    Audio processor has been widely used in audio engineering, audio processor is one of the key equipment in the broadcast transmission system, it has a great impact on the quality of beats by dre on sale broadcasting. For the basis of the people, the processor is a very good tool, but for some of the less experienced friends, looking at a processor, but also a lot of English, can not help but start a little bit. Today and everyone talk about the rational use of digital audio processor. At the front of the mid-wave broadcast transmitter, the audio processor highly processed audio signal, will contain a lot of square wave-like flat-top waveform. The waveform of the square wave is cheap beats relatively high for the amplitude and phase response of the transmission path through which it passes. In principle, if the flat amplitude and the group delay are deviated in the frequency range beats earphones of the program's main energy, the processed top of the processed audio signal is tilted, thereby increasing the peak modulation voltage, but the average level does not increase The From the peak / flat ratio, the average level of the path is reduced, and the loudness is reduced accordingly. In this regard, we have to keep the prototype of the signal after processing. The first method is to use the transmission signal cable, try to choose high quality, beats headphones cheap excellent performance of the transmission cable, requiring its distribution parameters, frequency bandwidth, the use of rough diameter, low attenuation, shielding a good copper core transmission line. This is very important and very effective. In addition, in the transmission connection, try not to add any additional equipment and branch parts, such as intermediate amplifiers, distributors, etc., to reduce the signal waveform distortion, to ensure good transmission quality.

    Audio processing system settings

    1, the audio processor, it consists of two circuits, one is slow moving AGC, the second is the action and recovery time moderate compressor, according to the need to set each band to adjust the best time constant. We have concluded in actual use that the low frequency band time constant is set to be slower (about 200锟斤拷s) than the high frequency band. This method has a greater effect on increasing the density of the program signal

    2, the audio processor in the basic system also adds some auxiliary components, enabling the audio processor installed in the slow motion AGC and multi-band compressor between the frequency equalization processing components to compensate for the medium wave broadcast signal typical presence of the sound Frequently bad situation. Appropriate to enhance the 600Hz-1.2KHz sound energy in the entire audio spectrum distribution, so that this sound becomes "larger" (ear hearing the most sensitive range in the 2KHz-8KHz). Can make the audience feel the sound becomes real and pleasant.

    3, we also use the audio processor called "break the distortion" device, use it to provide absolute negative peak control, to prevent the audio signal overflow, to eliminate the audience most likely to hear some of the band distortion.

    Audio processor placement

    In the system on the location of the audio processor placed, but also pay attention to, in order to effectively protect the waveform processed by the audio processor to limit the waveform, so that it is transmitted to the transmitter in the process does not change, the audio The processor is placed close to the transmitter and is the shorter the better. So as to avoid changes in the distribution parameters during the transmission, causing the parasitic modulation peak, so that the waveform has been processed to limit the peak changes, resulting in audio signal waveform distortion.

    The benefits of audio processors

    (1) It is possible to solve the problem that the program level difference is large due to recording, switching, different program contents, and the use of different recording and reproducing apparatuses, which is difficult to solve satisfactorily when manually adjusting the program level.

    锟斤拷 for the establishment of language programs and music programs between the volume balance to create the conditions.

    锟斤拷 can be low on the program when the weak signal to a certain amount of amplification, so that the components are not submerged by submerged. Usually the level of the treble component in the program is low, after processing can be an appropriate upgrade, high audio components not only determines the clarity of the program, but also with the loudness between the heart and the physiological complex relationship, due to clarity Raise the audience so that the loudness is also increased.

    stereo broadcast, which covers the radius of about the same power level of the broadcast state of the mononural broadcast half of the use of audio processor, the sideband wave power increases, so that the receiving carrier field is slightly lower than the required place is also possible To the higher quality of the signal, expanding the coverage.

    2017-08-16 11:23:11
  • KTV audio to buy tips

    On the KTV, the sound of the role is to eat their stuff, how to choose the right sound must have been concerned about each KTV boss, and now we discuss with you in the choice of K room speakers a few needs, hope can be a sense of beats headphones cheap Interested brothers offer a reference.

    The first to see if the speaker can meet the various accessories (junction box, speaker iron mesh, panel, etc.) if the cheap beats seam is too large, then there may be leakage, but if the air will occur when the sound of sound on the original sound has an impact, But also make unnecessary noise. Hand touch the rear of the mirror at the various joints to see the size of joints, seam size directly affect the safety of lifting.

    And then use the big dynamic music broadcast about 5 minutes to see the power unit capacity, carefully listen to the speaker in the case of no distortion can occur, can feel very beats by dre sale irritable very sharp and boring, if it is possible to show noise Is the unit has the doubt possible unit depiction unreasonable (ring than the circle circle, voice ring low, playing edge, etc.) If you feel very irritable very nimble that is the speaker crossover set is not good, the unit sensitivity cooperation is not on High school low frequency culvert bad.

    If the above points are no doubt about the words of the test and the role of singing, and the first microphone is the middle of the speaker interval 1 meter gradually adjust the volume of the microphone, until the appearance of the microphone and then gradually to the callback a little beats by dre sale bit to just not fly microphone position , Then the individual singing a favorite song, while singing and listening to listen to feel like eating is not strenuous, easy not easy, big dynamic feel the sound of the individual there is no crack, change sound and other impatient tone, singing easy big dynamic no Any impatient tone will not change the sound will not be a good microphone microphone.

    2017-08-15 11:27:31
  • The purity of oxygen in the headset wire

    We know that because of beats by dre beats by dre cheap sale the steady sound of copper, in the low-frequency solid, resistant and there is a mass, coupled with the relatively low cost of some, so almost all of the original headset wire is made of copper as a material.

    ?Then certainly have friends to ask, since the cost of copper to be low, then why a lot of headphones to upgrade the line to sell expensive, but also copper it, even more expensive than the silver line, which is why?

    Our life is common in the headset wire beats by dr dre is made of copper is not false, but the purity of copper above the difference, so the price is very different natural.

    From the most common earplugs, it is generally 4N OFC. (Simply to tell you about, audio wire which often said N refers to the purity, such as 99.99% of copper is called 4N copper, OFC is oxygen-free copper abbreviation.) But the line is very fine, and are parallel lines Heart, so it is easy to break and pull off, which is why earplugs are always particularly vulnerable to bad reasons.

    To the headset are generally 4N to 5N OFC wire, and the core is mostly stranded, not only thick and significantly enhanced tensile, so the risk of beats by dr dre headphone wire damage will be much smaller than the earplugs.

    It is worth mentioning that the headset and headset wire, because the first emphasis on the role of the purity of the sound on the sound, so their headset products are often more stress on the wire,

    2017-08-14 11:25:12
  • Speaker Vibration and Its Influence on Speaker Quality

    The speaker is the last and most important component of the entire sound system process. A good speaker, in addition to have a good speaker unit and a good matching divider, the speaker box structure and process has a very important impact and role. The characteristics of the speaker unit on the speaker playback effect has a decisive role, many articles have said that the unit of the impact of sound quality accounted for 70%, 30% of the box. This is a widely accepted concept, and in accordance with this concept to "catch big release", the speaker unit and the frequency divider to do a lot of fruitful work. And in the speaker box research is relatively less. Now the speaker of some technical indicators (such as distortion, etc.) test method is tested in low-power conditions. In the actual use of the conditions, the speaker is in the medium power or greater power to work. Under this working condition, the vibration of the loudspeaker unit and the vibration of the speaker box are much greater than those under the standard test conditions. In the low-power work is not a very serious beats by dre on sale problem, it will become very serious. Therefore, some speakers although the marked indicators are very good, it is only in the specific test conditions, and did not take into account the unit under high-power conditions in the serious impact, but also did not consider the vibration of the box (especially the box Resonance) on these indicators. This appears some of the speakers of the technical indicators are good, but the actual listening feeling is not good.

    Therefore, to improve the quality of the speaker, it is necessary to study the speaker under normal operating conditions may occur vibration (or resonance) on the speaker technical indicators and subjective sense of hearing. Speaker vibration, mainly refers to resonance. The actual tests show that the vibrations that occur under general nonresonant conditions are small and do not have a significant effect on the system. There are two most important excitation forces that resonate with the speaker. One beats headphones cheap is the resultant force of the electromagnetic force and the unit gravity when the speaker unit is working. It vibrates the front baffle through the basin frame. The other is the sound pressure accumulated in the loudspeaker , It directly stimulates the vibration of all the baffles of the speaker.

    The beats by dre sale accumulation of sound waves in the box, easier to be ignored, but the reality is a serious problem. Calculations and actual tests show that the sound pressure accumulated in a loudspeaker with poor sound absorption is much higher than the sound pressure of the loudspeaker unit, for example, 25 dB higher. This powerful sound pressure, speaker box board area is larger, resulting in a great incentive, enough to stimulate the box board serious resonance. And the vibration will pass through the baffle adjacent to it, passing the vibration to the other baffle. In particular, the sound waves accumulated in the box will not only affect the front and rear pressure balance of the diaphragm of the loudspeaker unit, change the resonance state of the diaphragm, but also directly radiate the diaphragm of the loudspeaker unit and interfere with beats by dre on sale the motion of the speaker unit diaphragm The Therefore, as much as possible to reduce the accumulation of sound waves in the box is also an important work.

    2017-08-12 11:00:26
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