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The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • Headphones misunderstanding

    One of the misunderstandings: use a large volume when burning headphones

    Some people think that the new headset need to use a large volume of the pot, so that the headset can quickly and well into the normal working condition, while the head also saves time.

    This practice is actually a headset used to make a taboo, because under normal circumstances, the new headphones diaphragm just too strong, large volume of the pot will make the frequency of vibration beyond the new diaphragm bearing capacity, resulting in vibration Membrane damage. In the pot when you should use a moderate volume, use a period of time can be free to debug.

    Misunderstanding two: listening to the headset when the beats by dre wireless volume is too large

    Long time to listen to the music of the human hearing will have a very negative impact, and gradually will cause a serious decline in hearing, to bring long damage to the ear, a long time the volume will make people too much excitement, Causing physical and mental beats by dre on sale fatigue, mental fatigue. And the impact of large volume on the headset diaphragm is also very cheap beats large, long time to use a large volume, will cause distortion of the sound, and even cause diaphragm damage. So, when listening to music to choose a moderate volume, neither too small, affect the beauty of music, nor too much, hurt their ears. Moderate volume will also extend the life of the headset, is beats by dr dre one of the best maintenance methods.

    2017-06-28 11:21:38
  • Challenge Water Sports You need a professional sports headset

    Summer beats by dre wireless is coming, and the best time to water sports, the seaside and the pool is undoubtedly the most popular leisure beats by dre studio and heat resort. Water sports can consume more calories than other sports, and there are a variety of water sports, including windsurfing, rowing, canoeing, and more. So cool fashion movement, even more need to help the water to help the water sports need a high degree of concentration, to control the body beats by dre on sale in the water balance. Wireless transmission overcomes the stethoscope effect, reduces the entanglement of the equipment, reduces the external factors that cause the attention of the movement during the movement, and makes the movement process more secure. In the challenges continue to go beyond the self, in the enjoyment of music breakthrough limit. Rowing sports team spirit, can not have small mistakes, so the communication process is particularly important. User-friendly design, built-in microphone on both sides. The sealing performance is good, in the team movement can shield each other interference, but in the need for interactive communication, just press the button, you can no need to take off the headset and teammates barrier-free communication.

    Looking too hot in summer? Then go skiing in the southern hemisphere to enjoy the winter cold it Whether it is popular water sports or outdoor skiing, can bring excellent music experience for your summer sports to add beats earphones more fun.

    2017-06-27 11:30:50
  • Talk about the sound field in detail

    The first article of the three dimensions of the sound of the article by a lot of friends support and encouragement, thank you very much. Personally feel that many friends now, whether it is burning headphones Ye Hao, playing the cover of the Ye Hao, or burn box Ye Hao, many basic concepts are very vague, of course, the sound of this subject more subjective, and many details of the Things really need to take the time to pondering to understand, the language sometimes difficult to describe clearly. But how to say, there is a beats earphones basic guidance at least on the understanding of this thing is good, personally think that these things have a little understanding, come out and share with you, hoping to give you something.

    Today, we often talk about the "sound field" is a thing. I may have the impression of a friend beats by dr dre who looked at my last issue. I mentioned the three dimensions of the sound, the left and right, the upper and lower, and the front and back. The sound field, in fact, is composed of three things the entire acoustic space. Of course, now the mainstream argument in the sound field is only horizontal and vertical to represent, that is, around and before and after. So today it is not so complicated first, from the left and right and before and after the two words that sound field.

    The sound of the left and right we are actually very well understood, and the left to the right of the width, it is equivalent to the width of the sound field, also known as the width of the horizontal sound field. For the speaker, the sound field width and speaker placement and listening position, the environment, as well as the speaker itself has a relationship. For the headset system, the sound field width is already fixed. The specific width of each person to hear, is not the same, why? First of all, each person's ear structure is not the same, so that each person to accept the sound is not the same, only one by one to describe. Some open headphones are not obvious on the edge of the lateral, it is because the unit of vibration of the air part of the air is completely from the other side of the spread, you can float very far. Of course, for most of the energy, there is a similar border, what is the border, it is equivalent to you make a voice only the left channel, the sound can reach the left of the location, which is Left border, same right border. The distance from the leftmost sound to the rightmost sound is the width of the sound field.

    Around, that is, horizontal sound field to understand, but for many friends, vertical, that is, before and after the sound field is not very good understanding. I was able to hear and can simply control the vertical sound field has also been a long time after a training to find, in fact, the vertical sound field is what a thing, that is, before and after the sound level. For the sound system, the vertical is very obvious, in general, the sound of the diaphragm is the sound of the front position. (Sometimes there will be off the box and the like, for the time being do not consider), and then with the sound reduction, high frequency reduction, reverberation increase and direct sound reduction, the sound will be followed by the back. Here to explain a few terms, first, reverberation. Everyone in a quiet environment can make a try, quickly cough, you will find your voice will not stop soon, but there will be a process of continuous decay, in the general room will continue to compare Short, and if the corridor, underground passage, or a bath in the sub-sub-this will last longer, this thing is reverberation. The judgment of the human ear is based on reverberation. Second, direct sound and reflection. We have to make a hypothesis, you stand inside a house, in front of a microphone, you cough, the microphone will put your entire sound completely included, of course, that is, your voice directly to the microphone part, you have The sound through the walls, the ground and even your girlfriend's chest reflects the part of the microphone, (play the audio where the girlfriend) is the part of the reverb. So, the direct sound is your voice directly to the microphone part, remember this just fine. Having said that, in the process of recording music, the music producer will be recorded in real, or the level of the sound, then the sound of the vertical out

    The depth of the vertical sound field is how to define it, that is, from the equipment can play the most front of the sound, and the distance between the sound of the last, this is the depth of the vertical sound field. Many times the most voices are no boundaries, and here and around the same, pay attention to a general position, there is no way to accurately locate.

    Horizontal and vertical sound field is basically here, but must remember that beats earphones the sound field of this thing is not just a two-dimensional thing but a three-dimensional thing, by the frequency of the upper and lower impact on the sound field, For example, some equipment, high-frequency sound field will be wide, and some devices will be low frequency sound field, this requires everyone to slowly understand the.

    And then talk about the shape of the sound field. The sound field of the speaker is mostly fixed, rectangular it Headphones have a variety of sound field, for example, the square, that is about the width of the left and right and almost the same depth, while the width of the left and right will not change with the front and rear. Round, left and right width and front and back depth is almost the same, but with the sound level changes, the width of the left and right will change, oval, that is, the width of the left and right than before and after the larger. There are many wonderful shape, of course, no one can accurately determine the specific shape of a sound field, because they are changing, can only talk about a general. Of course, some say that the sound field is spherical or ellipsoid or rectangular cube that is the impact of the upper and lower frequency factors are taken into account, and is correct.

    2017-06-26 11:49:36
  • Why the headset plug the bass more obvious?

    In the case where the headset is tightly connected to the outside, the sound pressure received by the human ear is proportional to the displacement of the loudspeaker unit. If there is a leak, the sound pressure received by the human ear and the volume of the loudspeaker unit The proportion of the sound pressure received by the human ear is proportional to the acceleration of the vibration volume of the loudspeaker unit. For ease of explanation, regardless of the speaker in different leakage conditions of vibration changes (in fact, change, but does not affect the conclusion), that is, the same amplitude. Loudspeaker unit vibration volume displacement = volume velocity / angular frequency = square of the volume acceleration / angular frequency, so the low frequency is increased in the case of tightening.

    Headphones - the human ear to receive this process can be seen as a hand to block the syringe outlet. beats by dre cheap The pistons of the syringe are equivalent to the beats by dre on sale headphones of the headphones, and the hands cover the skin at the exit to the equivalent of the tympanic membrane. If the syringe cheap beats by dre does not leak, push the air in the syringe cylinder to fit the pressure at the exit to increase the pressure, how much the piston is pushed, and how much the pressure will rise. If the syringe leaks, it slowly pushes the piston, does not increase the pressure inside the syringe, the hand will not feel the pressure changes; and quickly push the piston, despite the leak, the hand can still feel the pressure changes. In other words, the movement of the piston when the syringe leaks is more violent to cause a change in the pressure inside the syringe and to allow the hand covering the exit to feel this change.

    In the case where the headset is tightly connected to the outside, the sound pressure received by the human ear is proportional to the displacement of the loudspeaker unit. If there is a leak, the sound pressure received by the human ear and the volume of the loudspeaker unit beats by dre The proportion of the sound pressure received by the human ear is proportional to the acceleration of the vibration volume of the loudspeaker unit.

    2017-06-23 11:42:27
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