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The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • About health knowledge with headphones

    A scientific study in the UK shows that wearing a headphones for a long time can lead to deafness 30 years ahead of time. Headphones on the human body has long been well known, but with a variety of Tablet PC, MP4, music phone popularity, we have been accustomed to the use of headphones. So how can the harm of the headset to a minimum?

    Headphones are usually divided into a headset, ear hanging and ear type of three types, which is the smallest ear damage is wearing a head. Compared to the ear-style, ear-hanging, headset, although there is no small and portable advantages, but there is a good sound, the most important, because no need to wear ear, so almost no damage to the ear canal, In contrast, ear hanging, ear style, although the sound realistic, but will make the eardrum in beats by dre the long-term high shock damage. Often used in ear earplugs, but also become a breeding ground for bacteria, easy to make the external auditory canal skin stratum corneum swelling, blocking hair follicles, resulting in long-term chronic hyperemia, to stimulate the excessive secretion of cerumen glands, so that more and more thirst, the formation of embolism There tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness and other symptoms.

    In order to avoid the headset to the human body to bring the damage, wear Note: Do not open the headset volume too large, listen to music with a headset or foreign language should pay attention to control the volume, it is best to keep in 40-60 dB (general conversation or slightly Small, to feel comfortable and pleasant is appropriate; do not listen for a long time, adults use headphones every day no more than 3-4 hours, and intermittent listening is appropriate, the best half an hour to let the ears rest for a while; should pay attention to keep earplugs In the bus, the subway, the noisy streets and other noisy environment, it is best not to wear headphones to listen to music, call, ride, drive beats solo wearing headphones easy to distract, more Do not wear headphones. In addition, the selection beats headphones of headphones, you should select the sound quality is good, small noise, the volume can be freely flexible control, and once the sound is too large, etc. can be adjusted in time to protect the hearing.

    2017-07-20 11:23:08
  • Headset ergonomic knowledge

    Natural things will go through a relatively long evolutionary process, when the external conditions change, things themselves will be followed by adaptive changes. Earring products in its technology and quality is no essential difference in the time, people on the appearance and comfort of the demand has become cheap beats the major manufacturers of the difference and the value of the pursuit. Now, ergonomic design has become an important issue in the design of earplugs. Early earplugs did not take into account the issue of human comfort, design more angular, seriously affect the comfort of wearing, so many friends beats by dre studio are disdain for the earplugs. The addition of beats by dre studio sponge to improve this situation, in the ear plugs into the sponge sets, can effectively beats by dre sale solve the edges and ears of the damage, but also enhance the low-frequency performance of earplugs.

    With the improvement of the process, in addition to sponge, ear ear with the ear contact surface shape design and material are quietly changing. In the material, the more use of non-slip plastic and rubber, anti-skid plastic can make the ear with a better fit between the headset, and rubber soft features, in addition to more comfortable but also to further prevent the sound of the exposed, to better listen effect. Water-based design of the official launch, so that the design of the front ear cover has been substantial, and because of the comfort and sealing than the traditional round front cover is better, whether Japanese or European and American products are used many times, SONY More of this design applied to its top 8 series earplugs, earplugs into the history of the most brilliant of a classic.

    2017-07-19 11:23:47
  • The sound has a noise to teach you a troubleshooting method

    While we listen to music or watch movies, when enjoying, when the sound suddenly issued a sound of Zizi. This time what the mood is not, why the sound has a noise it? Sound how beats by dre studio to deal with noise how? 1, due to the problem caused by the source. 2, due to audio speakers burned to lead to sound playback when there will be noise. 3, due to the input and output line contact problems lead to significant sound noise. 4, the sound of the hardware problems caused the sound beats earbuds noise

    1, if it is due to the sound source caused by the noise, we directly find another source try, with the exclusion of the exclusion of the problem of noise, where the sound source is a general refers to the player, songs, musical instruments and so on. 2, if it is the impact of the speaker burned, we can listen carefully that is a speaker, confirmed after the opening to remove the speaker has a sound that is not broken, so we can repair it, the easiest way is to use home vegetable oil Dripping into the trumpet copper ring, and then slowly with his amplitude a pressure of a loose to do a few times, know the feeling so smooth, after waiting for a while to install up, have returned to the previous feeling. But do not tear down the speaker, only bit by bit on the line, or your sound will be made you worse. 3, if the line is caused by the problem, then we first consider the line, but we do not know is the line of the problem, so we can try to repair it. Check the line to beats by dre studio see if there is a broken situation, and some then directly re-give him a look, re-wrapped around the tape. If not, that only check the connector, the connector is easy to go wrong, if it is plastic plastic head, then we only change it, then not beats by dre wireless ideal. If the metal we can repair their own, after finishing the test results one by one.

    4, if it is a sound hardware problems, directly to find people repair slightly, or to buy a bar again For the pursuit of sound quality of the people, if the sound has a noise, then sent to the maintenance, then it will reduce the sound quality. So if the audio equipment to repair, then you still consider changing the new bar!

    2017-07-18 11:14:03
  • Audio equipment use taboo music needs care

    Sound the most common music in the family equipment, compared to other electrical appliances, the use of its many taboos, coupled with high-quality audio prices, if not only save, it is very regrettable, let's take a look at the following fever Some of the audio equipment taboo it. Audio equipment, the use of taboo large-scale audio equipment and the popularity of enthusiasts gradually increased, high-end equipment successfully into our lives, but for tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of audio and equipment, how should we protect, how to To extend its life has become the people are in the discussion of the problem, in order to ensure that enthusiasts better and longer time to enjoy their own equipment, this time for our friends inventory of the use of audio equipment under the taboo, hoping to help enthusiasts to enhance their equipment Of the service life. Switch the order to have to pay attention to our first thing to say is that friends beats solo are very easy to forget, switch the order of audio equipment, say this is because in the process of switching machines, the equipment will be the impact of current, over time there will be burned Damage, so that our equipment in a moment ashes. Audio equipment audio processor equipment (frequency divider, equalizer, effects, etc.) power amplifier TV projection and so on. Shutdown order and boot the opposite order, so that we can in a certain degree of protection of our equipment from the impact of damage, develop habits, enhance the life of our own audio equipment.

    Stacking equipment is not desirable Stacking device As the name suggests is the CD machine, amplifier, converter, etc. stacked together. Why stacking equipment is not desirable? First stacked equipment will affect the impact of a certain degree of shock, followed by stacked equipment will let the laser and amplifier and other equipment interfere with each other, will affect our beats headphones overall voice. So what is the right thing to do? In fact, want to avoid stacking the easiest way is to put the equipment on a dedicated shelf, or you can change the beats by dre space for a little place to place. Cleaning sound to pay attention to the dead angle As we all know, the sound equipment cleaning not only can enhance the clean effect, but also to a certain extent, enhance the sound of life, but in the clean, clean corner may be easy to forget a point. Like the wiring of the audio wire is the most easy to forget the clean corner. The reason why to clean the audio equipment terminal, because in its terminal after a period of time, more or less there will be oxidation, oxidation of the oxide film will beats headphones on sale affect the contact state of audio equipment to reduce the sound quality of our equipment. So when cleaning, we can use the cleaning agent to clean its terminal contacts to ensure that our audio equipment can always maintain the best connection status. Wiring no matter do not blindly wrapped around a lot of friends around the fever, in order to make the desktop look more neat, will be a lot of wire tied together. This approach seems to clean the desktop, but this will be tied together when the wire, also need to pay attention to the place. That is not the power lines and signal lines tied together, because the AC flow through the wire when it will affect the signal, the sound quality of our equipment damage. In addition, the friends do not signal line and speaker line knot, this approach will also affect the sound quality equipment, and signal lines and speaker lines if too long, you can make changes to shorten, but the signal line, then there will be Direction, in the use of time never make a mistake, otherwise it will cause irreparable damage to wire and equipment. Import sound voltage to pay attention to see the fact that friends have already known, although this is a simple to not a simple question, but it is these seemingly no brain problems, so many friends of the equipment suffered a disaster The Friends know that most of the domestic speakers are 220 volts power supply design, but some imported back speaker products, the use of 110 volts is the power supply. If this situation continues to use, it may make your speakers instantly discarded. And before listening to the first line must also check whether the correct wiring, the potentiometer position is too large. Want to solve the voltage problem I believe many people have been very clear, as long as a transformer will be easy to solve. This point I believe a lot of people like home in the KTV users will encounter, that is, if the microphone is too close from the speaker, or point to the speaker, then the sound will form a whistle, do not underestimate this point, if the situation is serious Will burn the treble part of our speakers. And speakers in the use of time, in addition to pay attention to the microphone point, but also pay attention to stay away from the magnetic field, such as mobile phones and monitors, etc., and the speaker can not be placed too close, this situation will produce signal interference noise , So friends in the use of speakers, we must pay attention to this point.

    In fact, the use of loudspeakers in the taboo there are many, such as the interference of the signal inside the room, the power plug is positive and negative part of the wiring is not strong, speakers placed, etc., we first introduced to the friends of these and some Simple solution, if friends really like high-quality music, want to go to the speaker fever this road, then some small problems must pay attention to the last hope that friends are able to protect their own equipment, better and better More time to enjoy the fun of the beloved equipment. For some rough friends, the use of sound when it should be more cautious, do not like Xiaobian the same, "easy" to scrapped a sound!

    2017-07-17 11:11:01
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