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The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • The origin of the music headset

    Life, headphones can be seen everywhere, headphones from the invention to the present, but also with the continuous development of scientific and technological progress. But it's history and development may not have too much understanding, then today, followed by Xiaobian to look at those yellowing old photos it!

    The world's first music headset was invented by a German scientist Eugen Beyer, who specializes in the research and development of "dynamic transducers", in an electronics company in Berlin. The young Bayer, in order to send the music to the ears of the people, in 1924, he will use the technology in the theater dedicated speakers and other similar equipment. August 18, 1937, Eugen Beyer (Eugen Beyer) on the theater speakers used in the dynamic ring transducer, applied to his invention of a miniature dynamic exchange of small speakers, and they Fixed on a thing that can be worn on the head, the sound directly to the human hearing beats headphones on sale organs - ears, the world's first moving ring headphones was born - BeyerdynamicDT48! That day, Bayer invited friends to Berlin's fever room to listen to opera "A ("Aida"). But friends came to the fever room, but saw the phonograph, but not the megaphone and the speaker of the trace. In the phonograph side, quietly lying on both ends of an earmime with an unknown thing, it will sing. From the earmuffs came the sound, not only the sound quality is very good, there is no phone noise, there is no low boring bronze drums and chirp chord sound, which is the most exciting performance of Aida. Even more surprising is that, DT48 headset bandwidth reached 16Hz to 20kHz proud of the specifications, the last century 30's technical conditions, this indicator is simply unimaginable, in this historic day, People witnessed the birth of the Beyerdynamic DT48 headset, creating a world record, the headset was called the Berlin card.

    In beats by dre the 1930s, the German intelligence agency and the Gestapo were able to use it to detect other unbelievable sounds from other headphones, gaining a lot of valuable information. In 1950, Beyerdynamic launched the world's first stereo headphones - TD48S, once again a sensation in the world. It has made a milestone contribution to professional radio, recording and video recordings. To so many years later, Beyerdynamic still produces DT48 series headphones, but beats by dre studio instead switch to more advanced materials, is the world's longest sales headphones.

    DT48 invention, to bring people a great surprise, affecting people's lives, people can from outside the concert hall to enjoy the original music. Now the headphones in addition beats solo to listening to music, but also lead the fashion trend, headphones become part of our lives, it will be with our personality, taste, and music space constantly changing, the development of the future of the headset is unpredictable!

    2017-05-25 11:20:18
  • Talk about speaking with the sound quality of the argument are playing rogue

    A complete set of listening system, is the sound source + front end + headset this combination. Seemingly very simple one thing, but in the actual operation of the time, indeed a very rough, because even the experience of the burning friends can not help but repeatedly with the test, and finally came out with a more satisfactory voice.

    HIFI is not what the band is how good, HIFI the most important thing is to sound the overall balance. So in the system with the most important purpose is to the whole system out of the sound "balance", and then on the basis of this balance on the music taste and music style. And listening system every link is critical, including power lines and so on. So listen to the match, to achieve beats by dre wireless a balance, the most trouble is that every link are selected quasi-HIFI brand products. Because the real quasi-HIFI brand products, for those who will not match the primary Shaoyou, at least the final out of the sound will not be bad where to go. For example, we use five or six thousand level of the amp, with hundreds of dollars, beats solo "Huyou card" signal line, and then said a certain classic headphones sound is rubbish; or with a "flick card" amp, use quasi-HIFI HD600 headphones, and then out of the sense of hearing is low frequency is very poor, and finally feel HD600 low frequency is obviously poor; then HD800S, I feel that the beats headphones on sale headphones where the value of 10,000 it The reason for this, the most important thing is with.

    Moreover, not much do not beats by dre cheap explain that, hifi headset in the match, it is best to burn well, or the final out of the sound is certainly different, especially the high profile type of headphones. With a set of satisfied listening system, is not very simple. Want to really HIFI, it is necessary to learn to focus on the basic system of "balance", the balance we can play symphonic test. Finally, we also need their own rational fever, in their own economic range to choose their own sound source system, do not let the music finally lost the fun.

    2017-05-24 11:39:40
  • Why is your headset easy to bad?

    For the enthusiasts, beats headphones on sale can listen beats by dre sale to a long time for the wonderful music, is it a great thing to life also. Headphones are easy to bad usually because there is no attention to the use of small details, easy to be ignored by us, often these small details affect the use of headphones time. In order to allow electronic audio can be accompanied by a long time in our side, we need to do what the details? Hifi headset life depends on the user's living habits, use, storage and headset's own quality. Improper use of the headset is easy to bad, will reduce the life of the headset. For example, when we plug the plug, a lot of people are pulling the wire pull, it is easy to wire and joints at the solder joints pulled loose, resulting in poor contact, or even cut off; when the headset was also the same way to pull Headphones, and finally the headphones will have a sound inside the sound or not ring. Such a way to use the best headphones believe that it is estimated how long it will live it

    After listening to the song, may be free to put, put the headset lost on one side. When putting the headset, the violent collision will break the unit inside the headset. So we after listening to the song, you should use the correct winding way, the headset into the storage box inside, one is to reduce the headphones in the low temperature of the exposed, damaged wire, and secondly good storage habits can increase the use of headphones The We talked about the headset's cheap beats headphones skills in beats earphones the previous article. Bad habits in life will cause some damage to the headset, such as sleeping with a headset, when sleeping will be unconscious in the case of turning over or moving, this time if you wear headphones, wire will cause a certain winding, but also Crush the ear shell and so on. So bad habits in life will reduce the life of the headset. In order to ensure that these small details of the time, we should consider the quality of the headset. Select the headset, be sure to consider the use of their own headphones, and according to their own habits to choose. The life of the headset depends on the life of the unit, the life of the wire and the life of the plug, and then the life of the wire

    Finally, different headphones are not the same. But are similar, headphones are consumables, do not need to worry too much, as long as the usual use of time, pay attention to some small details of the headset is not easy to bad.

    2017-05-23 11:35:16
  • Hifi ruined life? Hifi save money big fight!

    Everyone has their own hobbies, and many people will pay a lot for this hobby, whether it is time or economy! Just like SLR and headphones it often ridicule that SLR poor three generations, hifi ruined life! It seems that love really Burn na na. But not everyone has a very good economic base, and in order to share the hearts of the pursuit, we do not want to give up their own want to pursue. If you are young to meet the HiFi hobbies, especially those who do not have a fixed income student party, or have finished the meal after dinner have to frugal the beginning of the work of "migrant workers", how should we do? , Do not blindly attack the flagship, first to find their own desire that voice, and then patiently waiting. In general, in order to detours, many old burning will recommend a step in place, that is, in their own economic capacity, the highest price on the flagship brand, after all, this can make us less to upgrade the equipment for the detours. But everyone's listening style is different, like some people like to eat chili, no pepper meal no appetite, but some people prefer light, you let a person like to recommend you to the light of your food how do you think? So do not determine their own listening style before the blind purchase of flagship products is also risky, shares Oh, according to your taste recommended to your headset, taste just fine, but if you always feel something less, God It will not give you a chance to re-select.

    So, be sure to live down, audition, a lot of contrast, find the right oneself. Can not just look at other people's sense of hearing, after all, how many people will listen to more or less subjective elements, of course, no less some of the keyboard Xia and the water army confuse. So you have to do is in the purchase of headphones before the ear is real, after all, there are a lot of headphones now store, you can go to audition, and finally in the synthesis of others and their own preferences to choose their own headphones. Of course, the flagship is not to say that in the price will make a lot of people catch up. If you like it, but also met the heart and lack of money, do not worry. Why? After all, just out of new products will be more or less will fire for some time, you only need to be patient, because it will cut prices. Second, new and classic, aimed at buying channels. Some people like to chase the stars, naturally some people like to chase new. The brand of electronic products has gone up, and the rate of updating iterations is getting faster. Some of the appearance or performance upgrades, always stimulate the desire to buy consumers in order to beats solo increase the exposure of new products, and in the short term time to increase the market share of their own advantages, many new products will be considered in the public platform development. Like this platform just to meet the consumer's psychology: save money, but also early adopters! Like this platform, new headset models are generally lower than the actual price of half of the headphones.

    Of course, not all products will be on the re-raise platform, some launched for a long time, as early as in the fever circle to form a symbol of the classic model, find a low-cost platform seems to be not easy, and the domestic agent has long been the lowest retail price. But you can try strolling in the fish, maybe to find their favorite headphones, but in the transaction must pay attention to whether to provide warranty receipt, beats headphones so that the transaction out of the accident. Third, this is the most important way to learn to be an old driver. Who is not a hobby, who is willing to live because of life, bow to abandon their own chase it! But, play is also pay attention to ways and means, not only play cheap beats headphones happy, but also save beats headphones on sale money without pressure to meet their own HIFI wish.

    2017-05-22 11:30:40
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