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High Performance Dr Dre Headphone

The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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Unparalleled Sound Innovation
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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • Why the headset plug the bass more obvious?

    In the case where the headset is tightly connected to the outside, the sound pressure received by the human ear is proportional to the displacement of the loudspeaker unit. If there is a leak, the sound pressure received by the human ear and the volume of the loudspeaker unit The proportion of the sound pressure received by the human ear is proportional to the acceleration of the vibration volume of the loudspeaker unit. For ease of explanation, regardless of the speaker in different leakage conditions of vibration changes (in fact, change, but does not affect the conclusion), that is, the same amplitude. Loudspeaker unit vibration volume displacement = volume velocity / angular frequency = square of the volume acceleration / angular frequency, so the low frequency is increased in the case of tightening.

    Headphones - the human ear to receive this process can be seen as a hand to block the syringe outlet. beats by dre cheap The pistons of the syringe are equivalent to the beats by dre on sale headphones of the headphones, and the hands cover the skin at the exit to the equivalent of the tympanic membrane. If the syringe cheap beats by dre does not leak, push the air in the syringe cylinder to fit the pressure at the exit to increase the pressure, how much the piston is pushed, and how much the pressure will rise. If the syringe leaks, it slowly pushes the piston, does not increase the pressure inside the syringe, the hand will not feel the pressure changes; and quickly push the piston, despite the leak, the hand can still feel the pressure changes. In other words, the movement of the piston when the syringe leaks is more violent to cause a change in the pressure inside the syringe and to allow the hand covering the exit to feel this change.

    In the case where the headset is tightly connected to the outside, the sound pressure received by the human ear is proportional to the displacement of the loudspeaker unit. If there is a leak, the sound pressure received by the human ear and the volume of the loudspeaker unit beats by dre The proportion of the sound pressure received by the human ear is proportional to the acceleration of the vibration volume of the loudspeaker unit.

    2017-06-23 11:42:27
  • How is the headset tuned?

    Headset from design to manufacturing is the material, electrical, ergonomic, auditory psychology and other disciplines of the integration, is the individual engineers once a time to optimize the calculation, is the cooperation of various raw material manufacturers. The tuner sounds like an ear to eat, in fact, called the engineer is better, and certainly not a person, is a group of people, their own components in the conditions allowed to do the best range of specific products. In the case of material has been decided, the thickness and shape of the diaphragm determines the number of secondary harmful vibration, that is, the size of the distortion, but also cheap beats headphones determines the vibration damping size, that is easy to drive or not. The greater the thickness of the diaphragm damping the greater the more difficult to promote the diaphragm on the pattern is used to suppress the diaphragm material defects caused by the vibration. The larger the size of the diaphragm, the better the low frequency response, whereas the high frequency distortion is small. Diaphragm sticks on the bracket, the way the adhesion will also affect the diaphragm vibration, such as straw hat along the direct bonding, or there are folding ring inside the ring structure. The coil is responsible for promoting the diaphragm, if the diaphragm of the damping, the coil will be strong, but the coil will be the corresponding weight will be large, do not forget the coil is sticky on the diaphragm, the greater the greater the inertia will be beats headphones cheap greater. Permanent magnet to be strong, and now are rubidium boron magnetic, and later there will be stronger, there are structures of the magnet should be carefully constructed, related to the magnetic circuit performance, can not waste magnetic force. The above three components constitute the unit, the unit sensitivity and the impedance of each frequency is a linear decision whether the headset is easy to work in the ideal state is not easy to make a good sound. Unit to get, look at the cavity, there is a cavity there is resonance, ideally, of course, is not the best, but in fact impossible, then put the harmful resonance into a favorable, in a band to enhance? Is the vibration of the diaphragm required to suppress? Even the coil needs to heat, can make a fuss in the cavity.

    The material of the earmuffs determines the degree of comfort fit, the head beam determines the ear pressure, the ear pressure on the ear after the formation of the cavity will have an impact on the sound, consider when the unit and the ear canal between how beats headphones cheap much space left All right.

    2017-06-22 11:35:16
  • Away from the noise of music immersion

    Noise, "has been plagued by people, but also to promote the development of audio equipment, in order to noise reduction, many headset manufacturers have to go abroad noise reduction headset. Now basically divided into two noise reduction mode, one is physical noise reduction, Live ear "way to isolate most of the noise.There is a high cost of active noise reduction, through a headset on a pickup to collect ambient sound, and then calculate beats headphones on sale a frequency contrary to the noise off. This method at the frequency A single noise environment, the effect is more obvious, but also loss of a certain sound quality. Noise reduction headphones have many benefits, if you are a day to beats by dre studio take the subway guide bus, noise reduction headphones can help you a good isolation from the bus Annoying noise, with noise reduction headphones and even in the subway to study is very good. Wear comfortable, comes with large, medium and small three shark fin silicone earplugs, will not produce allergies and other issues, noise beats by dre sale reduction is good performance. key shield from outside noise, flexible use. rechargeable design, charging two hours 16 hours endurance obtained by wire design, omnidirectional microphones No matter from that angle, you can get satisfactory results during a call.

    ?Using the slide switch on the control module can be opened and closed noise cancellation. Microphone wire beats by dre on sale / remote control mode and incoming calls with Aware / end button. This 4-button remote control can control the volume and music, but also access the voice recognition application, the sound quality is more balanced low frequency dive deep, very Naiting, after wearing the whole world quiet, a key to open noise reduction is very practical.

    Interface digital signal, listening to music in theory can have a better sound quality, in a quiet environment can be used to reduce the physical isolation of external noise. Open outdoor noise at the airport or other public places, noise isolation while listening to music. Based on security factors in the outdoor mode, reduce noise while still listening to the external environment sound. In the listening mode, do not have to take off the headset can easily talk to people.

    2017-06-21 11:31:34
  • How to use wireless stealth headphones

    Now the application of wireless stealth headphones is very common, because the wireless stealth headphones compared to wired headset more convenient. Wireless stealth headphones not only bring up convenience, but also very strong performance. Wireless headset talk time can be maintained for about 4 hours, music time about 3 hours, standby time up to 1-3 days. First set the beats by dr dre transmitter power switch to the wireless stealth headset position, the power indicator light. Press the remote control headset key indicator light, and then press the search button for 1 second and beats by dre cheap then let the wait 3-5 seconds to receive the sound from the transmitter. Wireless stealth headset with beats by dre on sale Bluetooth receiver function, noise reduction function, PA function, wired audio input function. Wireless headphones bright colors, the inner sleeve of the sponge evenly distributed in the contact surface, can pressure to a minimum, sponge permeability and hygroscopicity is better, cool summer, winter insulation.

    Wear wireless stealth headphones, be sure to pay attention to the sound not too much, so as not to damage the hearing. In addition, wireless stealth headphones are now getting smaller and smaller, to the miniaturization of the development, there have cheap beats by dr dre been rice grain stealth headphones. When wearing this wireless stealth headphones, be sure to first dig out the ears, take out the time to use dig ear spoon, dig ear spoon to stabilize, only dig ear spoon when the headset, to remove the wireless stealth headphones The

    2017-06-20 11:29:35
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