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The thrill of hearing tiny details you've never heard before. In songs you thought you knew inside out. With the sleek and rugged Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Beats headphones engineered by Monster Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, thrills rule.

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The Beats Mixr is strong, light and powerful bringing the Beats sound quality not only to professional DJs, but also to consumers that seek the best headphone experience.
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Powered by long-lasting, rechargeable batteries, Beats Wireless headphones feature impressive range and outstanding comfort, allowing you to move without any cords to hold you back.


  • Are plug the trouble to blame the headset compatibility and fault analysis

    Walking has been completely into the moment the absolute mainstream, enthusiasts at all times need a good voice performance, we cheap beats by dre can see more high-end headphones to listen specifically designed for portable, Walkman definition is no longer able to speak, but the same Need a good sound. Of course, when the mobile phone has replaced the portable player and all the previous portable player has become the most commonly used playback device, of course, with mobile phones using portable headset products are increasingly rich, not satisfied with the original headset Friends offer more selectivity.

    Designed for mobile phones headphones generally need to meet the needs of communication in the wire with a wire-controlled microphone device, and this device can also be convenient for mobile phone music playback. Many people in the purchase of headphones will be concerned about the sound quality is not better, the appearance is beautiful, comfortable and so wear a series of questions, as long as these appropriate, then there beats earbuds will be no other worry about too many problems. But often found that the headphones can only buy back to listen to music, but there is no way to use the wire.

    Plug design, of course, such as listening to music only when the accompaniment is released due to the plug part of the cause. Because of the various brands used in the headset on the difference in the plug, so they can only adapt to their own brand of mobile phones. Original earplugs naturally do not have much of a problem with compatibility, but if you choose a third party headset, then we need to pay more attention to the headset plug to make a certain understanding or very useful, which not only help We buy headphones, but also more conducive to us to find some of the headphones in the fault and problems, so the following, we take a look at the headset plug these small mystery it First of all we need to note is designed for mobile phones to create headphones and ordinary music headphones in the plug is different, mainly because the phone in order to facilitate the use of the installation of the line that device reasons. Ordinary stereo music headphone plugs are three-stage structure, from the front to the handle of each paragraph were left channel L, right channel R, and ground GND. The phone plug is because the installation of a microphone, the plug is used in a four-stage structure.

    Although the headset is relatively small, but it is still more sophisticated digital products, if beats by dre sale used improperly or more prone to damage, especially the life of earplugs will be relatively short. Many of my friends often because the original earplugs bad to buy third-party headset products, these causes of damage have many kinds, such as the physical wire broke, the headphone unit broke down and various problems. There are many because the headset only has a vocal phenomenon, although the surface is not damaged, but the head of the wire in fact certainly has a damaged, which is reflected in the headset in one or two units are not ringing phenomenon, which is actually It is relatively easy to understand. But if there is only a headphones can hear the accompaniment that is what the situation? In fact, it is necessary to carefully analyze the wiring cheap beats of the plug we can be very good to explain.

    We have already mentioned in the above, stereo headphones three-stage plug wiring sequence are left channel, right channel and ground, in fact, two units of the headset each need to take two lines: a signal line for The input voltage is constantly changing the oscillation signal, while the other ground voltage is always stable at 0 volts. So the two units will lead to a total of four wires, left and right signal lines and left and right ground.

    2017-04-27 11:30:42
  • Headphone damage hearing The right way to use headphones

    An out-and-out headset enthusiasts, but in the right way to listen to the headset, in fact, just when the fever was a lot of senior guidance, so feel the protection of their ears is still good.

    However, in fact, the headset is not a patent for enthusiasts, for modern people, headphones or earplugs can be said to have become essential equipment, games, entertainment, mobile phones and many applications are closely used, and even that we are beats earbuds Can not do without him, but there is a problem can not be ignored, that is, headphones on the hearing damage, this argument is really false? The Mars fish for this issue is not Putian Department, by not , so the main scientific explanation.

    First of all, we have to understand the structure of the ear has heard the principle of what is the sound. What is the structure of the ear first? In fact, the other parts of the ear, like the other, there is a special sensory equipment, cheap beats by dr dre and the ear beats earbuds which is responsible for listening to the "sensor", that is, inside the cochlea cilia cells. We were able to hear the sound because the "receptors" were stimulated and the cilia was shaking with the sound. With the sensitive cilia of the vibration, through the nerve reached the brain, we can feel the voice of friends.

    However, although the name of the cilia looks very strong, is a hair, but in your imagination is completely different, very fragile and sensitive. Once the sound of the decibel is too large, cilia will swing too much and beyond their own sensing limits, and thus the damage of cilia cells, which is the root cause of hearing loss. For example, in daily life, hear the big blasting sound, long beats earbuds time to stay in karaoke OK room after a brief "deafness" is the reason. Although the headphones are not clearly aware of hearing changes, but the damage is gradual, and often overlooked. Excessive stimulation of cochlear cilia can lead to decreased sensitivity, long this will also damage hearing. The most critical point is that the cochlea inside the cilia cells, is a can be regarded as non-renewable cells, that is to damage the damage, the loss of hearing can not be restored, that is, hearing damage is an irreversible process.

    2017-04-26 11:31:03
  • Achieving the best pickup results can achieve these effects

    Video conferencing, there is a big echo phenomenon, often cheap beats by dre people caught by surprise, but to solve the echo to a good understanding and understanding of it, we generally talk about the echo, there are two main situations:

    Dial the intercom equipment, in addition to hear each other's voice, but also to hear their own voice.

    When the cheap beats intercom device is turned on, the party can only hear his own voice, but can not hear each other's voice; the other party can not hear any sound. Based on these two common faults, Ai Li Te Xiaobian to help you answer:

    How does the echo in the video conference eliminate the cause analysis?

    First understand whether the video conference is hardware or software products. If it is software, under normal circumstances the software will do their own echo suppression. If it is hardware, debugging equipment, the current video conference echo problems, there will be. The general situation is two voice input, causing such a problem. Look at the decor of the conference room. If you are excluded, then your video conference hardware is a problem. In addition to hear each other's voice, but also to hear their own voice, beats headphones on sale this echo is mainly due to the failure of the microphone or the use of headphones contact is not good lead; one can only hear their own voice, and can not hear each other Of the sound; the other party can not hear any sound, this echo is mainly due to relay loop caused by monitoring and user tracking and other methods to locate and solve.

    How does the echo in a video conference eliminate an effective solution

    Conference television network once there is a venue echo, it is likely to cause the whole network has echo. So in the debugging must be in the main venue one by one with the sub-venue debugging voice, to determine which venue caused by the echo. In the process of debugging the conference television system, the discovery and elimination of echo is a problem that needs to be solved by the system purchaser. In the video conference, when the sound of the venue to the other side of the venue after the venue, into the other side of the microphone, through the mixer, video conferencing systems and other audio equipment, and then back to the venue, resulting in the venue to hear their own delay Of the sound, this sound is called the videoconference in the video conference. At this time the echo is characterized by: echo and their own voice compared to the obvious delay; echo generally speak less than their voice; for the air through the echo, due to energy consumption, the echo is certainly better than the sound source sound To be small; the size of the echo and the size of the sound source, the way of transmission and the surrounding environment.

    Echo cancellation, that is, through the analysis of the echo path, estimate its characteristic parameters, use the eigenvector of the echo path to construct the simulated echo channel, simulate the echo generation process, and obtain the inverse echo sum of the simulated echo signal and the received signal Receive echo in the signal. Echo beats headphones suppression refers to the ability to eliminate echo in the voice channel; echo cancellation and echo suppression applications; generally for video conferencing systems products, will use some echo cancellation mechanism, or use advanced adaptive algorithm to adjust the parameters of intelligent to ensure that the venue of the most Good sound effect. The MS-720 uses the back-pole electret condenser head, the microphone has high sensitivity, low noise, strong directivity and anti-whistle function, realize the local loudspeaker no whistle, geese Neck part of the soft and hard tube can be flexible with the combination; all-metal material, high-end air grade; three core card jack joints, 48V phantom power supply, balanced differential audio signal transmission, anti-jamming performance. Pushbutton switch settings, integrated power indicator at any time to view the status

    2017-04-25 11:45:29
  • An article teaches you to choose your own headphones!

    How to choose the headphones, this is a very profound knowledge.

    Because everyone likes to listen to different types of music, such as lazy sweet female poison, sympathetic bursting of the ACG, solemn classical, or the burning of the rock and so on, almost every music type has a corresponding good headphones The

    Second, the use of headphones in different scenarios will be different, such as frequent travel needs in the aircraft, high-speed rail on a lot of time to spend a lot of time business elite will want a noise reduction artifact to help rest, and sports up to beats earbuds people prefer Bluetooth waterproof Headphones, this use of the different ways also led to the headset of the election.

    First to introduce noise reduction headphones.

    Noise headphones can be regarded as the current headphones in the "efficacy" of the most prominent type, because the sound quality beats headphones on sale of the headset there are "fungus" can not tell, and noise reduction headset wear, the whole world are clean. Noise reduction headphones are divided into active and passive two categories, active noise reduction function is generated through the noise beats headphones reduction system with the outside noise equal to the reverse sound waves, the noise and in order to achieve the effect of noise reduction, it can be said that active noise reduction Can be regarded as true noise reduction. Very typical moving headphones, sound warm and thick, low frequency is not the previous Shure headset as dive so deep, but very strong, can be described as punches to the meat. All in all, like to listen to the frequency of male voice, this is the price of a good choice.

    2017-04-24 11:37:02
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